[TSE 84] How to Reintegrate Back Home After Traveling Abroad with Cate Brubaker

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TSE 84 - How to Reintegrate Back Home After Traveling Abroad

If you’re a world traveller like me, you probably know what it feels like to come home and feel like you don’t really fit in.

Maybe you feel like things haven’t really changed that much while you’ve been gone, or you have trouble relating to your  friends whose lives ‘seem’ kind of dull after what you’ve just experienced.

TSE 84 - How to Reintegrate Back  Home After Traveling Abroad

In fact, you’re probably battling the urge to hop on the first flight out of there, right?

I know this because I have definitely experienced some of these feelings before and  so, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s way  more common than you think.

Cate Brubaker, founder of Small Planet Studio, went through this same experience. After studying abroad in high school, Cate came home to find that she had missed out on all the experiences of her friends, and didn’t feel that same sense of belonging.

After many more years abroad, she learned to acknowledge these feelings of reentry for what they really were; an opportunity to create the life she always wanted for herself.

Now, under the umbrella of Small Planet studio she consults with organizations and teaches a course on intercultural education at the University to help others learn how to integrate and thrive in America.

On top of that, she works with those who have just gone through the re-entry process to create their ideal global life.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast: 

  • How it took Cate years to become a professor only to find happiness in starting her own ideal business
  • What reentry really means and how to successfully reintegrate after traveling abroad
  • Her top 2 tips on how to learn from your own feelings of re-entry and use those to create your ideal global life
  • Why reentry back home doesn’t mean you have to forget who you were abroad
  • How to acknowledge and appreciate all kinds of lifestyle choices to help you better re-integrate
  • What you need to understand will happen with some old friendships when you return

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Now I want to hear from you! In the comment section below, tell me what feelings you’ve experienced on reentry and how you’ve dealt with it?