How to Pick a Niche and Find Your Sweet Spot…That Is What She Said!

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How to Pick a Niche and Find Your Sweet Spot

There are thousands of potential business ideas out there, but you might not actually be seeing the opportunity. Worse you’re probably overwhelmed by all the ideas you’re having and figuring out how to turn those into a profitable business.

Finding your niche or discovering what truly motivates you can be tough. And by tough, what I really mean is it can be a real pain in the ass.

Why is it so hard, you ask?

Well to be frank, it’s because once you discover your sweet spot the real work begins. You need to committed, ready to put in the hours and really concentrate your focus on that one particular project. You can’t waiver when you stumble across another idea that piques your interest and will make you money.

I get a lot of questions from followers who have just this problem. In fact, one such question from fellow Freedom Fighter Becky, made me realize it was time to address this issue.

Learning how to pick a niche and find your sweet spot doesn’t have to be difficult. In this week’s episode I’m going to show you how 3 simple steps can make a world of difference and to identify a niche that you can finally stick with and profit from.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • My simple formula for finding your Sweet Spot
  • What the heck are you good at? Here’s how to find out (and the answers may surprise you!)
  • What are you skilled at? Now, here’s how to monetize it
  • Being a Leading Learner and what that really means
  • The one key tip that may be the difference between success or failure

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