How to Network Like a Pro and Stay in Touch with Important People While Traveling

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Let’s get honest here. It can be hard to remember new names after leaving just one conference, let alone names from all over the world of each person you’ve met on your travels.

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What’s more with all this socializing virtually online and people contacting you left right and centre, you can actually forget (speaking from personal experience) where on earth you met and why!

If it weren’t for some key online tools, it would be so much more difficult to stay in touch with not only new people, but also friends and family that are based in different countries.

In today’s video, I share networking tips for how you can go about showing appreciation to people you meet while on the road, and four tools I personally recommend to keep track of clients, customers and important people whose knowledge and skills you need to access when it matters most.

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Here are my top four tools for networking:

  • Email list – If people I meet hop over onto my email list where I send out weekly newsletters full of free business tips and advice, we can keep in touch easily.
  • LinkedIn – I recognise the value of this growing social network as a rolodex of important people, and for keeping in touch with people and being able to access their personal and professional profile, and it’s much easier to search for them.
  • Facebook – Using my personal Facebook profile and my Suitcase Entrepreneur page, I’m able to keep in touch with supporters, friends, and family, and it’s easy to message them to invite them to coffee while I’m traveling.
  • Highrise  – Highrise is a simple and easy to use CRM tool from the guys at 37 Signals, and it’s super effective with keeping notes, making reminders, and organising all contacts and clients into one place.

I cover more networking tips and strategies in greater detail in my Suitcase Entrepreneur book (due out this August) and will be sharing more tips on the blog and in my video series.

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In the comments below, tell me one tool that you use to stay on top of networking while you travel and one way that you make sure you catch up with people in each city that you’re visiting?