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The Create & Conquer Manifesto by Mars Dorian

If you want to know someone who stands out for their unique personality, quirky style and unmissable designs, then let me introduce you to Mars Dorian, my first German podcast guest.

After traveling around the world for 3 years, Mars was not thrilled about going back to the normal 9-5 job scene – you can relate right? He was determined to work for himself, yet he wasn’t entirely sure how he was going to do that.

Now Mars is best known for using his unique cartoon skills and branding know-how over at his website and blog  MarsDorian.com, where he visually tells his stories with his own designs.

Check out his super unique Create and Conquer Manifesto or his about page, done entirely in a graphic depiction.

Mars Dorian


If you hadn’t already noticed, Mars is is just a little bit unique from the rest of the bloggers, but it wasn’t always that way.

Although he set up his blog to figure out a way to escape the corporate world, he wasn’t completely satsfied with the results he was getting after one year.

One of his friends recommended him to make his blog stand out by using his artistic cartoon skills, since few others were doing the same. He went out and bought a graphic tablet, that he could attach to his computer and started creating – and that was when he knew he’d hit his sweet spot.

Mars could not stop drawing for 3 days and nights, that he even forgot to eat and sleep.

Since then he’s gone on to make a big name for himself by consulting with companies and entrepreneurs to help them define themselves online and create an outstanding brand that ensures they stand out from the rest.

Listen to this podcast interview with Mars Dorian to learn:

  • Tips on how to create an amazing brand that stands out online
  • The motivation behind his fantastic About Page that is so unique, literally illustrating his  business life
  • His inspiration behind his first product with the complete set of action steps he took to create it
  • 3 Top Tips from his first product launch that you can apply to yours
  • Benefits of trademarking your mission, business name, and tagline

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Mars’ latest product

  •  Outstander: The Ultimate Guide in Standing Out Online and Getting the Attention & Biz YOU Deserve

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