How To Make The Perfect Sales Pitch (even from a beach)

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Penang Island

Ever wondered what exact steps you should take to actually close a sale? Well I found out first-hand when I was hit up on a beach last week.

Even if it’s not something you’re comfortable with, it doesn’t have to be sleazy, and there’s a method you can use that works wonders –  trust me this guy on the beach proved it.

Now this is not something I usually tackle on the blog, mainly because my expertise is steeped in marketing. I tend not to `do sales. But obviously I do in a way that works for me, and my style.

I set up my sales and marketing funnel to be a very natural, organic process for my readers. In fact I’m writing a book all about How To Build Your Online Sales Funnel (sign up for early notice here).

In general my sales funnel comes through you, my lovely reader, taking in my latest content, diving back through previous posts which allows me to build up trust and credibility.

Then you sign up to my newsletter if you’re digging my style and through a series of emails and posts you will be lead to my digital offerings and then onto my coaching.

There’s definitely an art to selling online, and even more so in person. Let me break it down for you.

Penang Island

Episode 7: How to make the perfect sales pitch in five minutes or less

As you may have read, I had an amazing 7-day digital sabbatical last week on Penang Island and told you how to have the most productive week of your life.

Penang Island is a really fascinating fusion of west meets eastern culture. It manages to embrace modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm.

This `Pearl of the Orient’ used to be known as Pulau Pinang – a virgin paradise that got her name from the abundance of betel nut palms scattered across her soft, sandy beaches.

For more than a century, Penang Island was a major trading post remained under British colonial rule until 1957, when Malaysia gained independence.

Now it’s a mix of British Colonial mixed with Chinese temples, especially in George Town which is now a UNESCO Heritage site.

They really love their food on Penang and you can get a huge range of it too.

I stayed in Batu Ferringhi, one of the better beaches on the northern part of the island, and for just $20 a night, stayed in a private Guest House just 30m from the beach.

Every morning I’d have breakfast, after a run or walk, at this little beach cafe and then watch as the tourists got up and jumped on the jet skis or went para sailing.

It was during one of my `lounging around’ moments on this very beach, while reading a book, that I was approached by Terry.

In less than 5 minutes this complete stranger had convinced me to have a 75 minute herbal treatment.

The Four Steps To A Perfect Sales Pitch

If you haven’t watched the video then listen up. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Know your customer

You should know your ideal client’s needs, desires and wants so well that you know how to approach them and their objections in such a way that they want what you have. Period.

2. Show social proof

Testimonials and raving client review are absolutely critical to showing you’ve got the goods and are the real deal.  Don’t have them? Get em each and every time you work with your customers and then put them proudly on display.

3. Make an excellent offer

If you truly believe you’ve got something special that will help your customers and improve their lives then tell them about it with your amazing offer. Make it irresistible and make it resonate.

4. Have a strong call to action

This is where so many people fall down. They do every other thing really well and then leave people with a wishy washy “So if you like this, you know, you can maybe buy it, or only if you want to…”. Don’t be that person. You’ve put in the work. Close the deal.

Watch the video though to learn more, and let me know in the comments how you’re using these tactics in your business already!

  • Angela

    There’s no sales pitch in that video?

  • Am I missing something? The video was less than 1 minute, ending right after showing where you stayed.

  • Charlotta Sandh

    That video sure was a cliffhanger – can’t wait to see the whole film Natalie!! 🙂

  • PhillipaKiripatea

    The video is of Penang. Looking forward to see the real one 🙂

  • Alright so glad you guys are on to it! 🙂 Camtasia had not exported the whole video so it’s there now and uploaded to YouTube proper. YAY

  • The rules of selling are definitely location-independent. Reminds me of some of the pitches I received on the beaches of Costa Rica where I bought amazing white water rafting and other adventures.

    • Yes Paige I think you can learn a lot from the approaches those people use, what turns you off and what makes you just want to say yes.

  • [email protected] For Success

    Great video and great tips 🙂 Asking for the sale becomes easy if you truly have the mindset of knowing that you can help the customer and improve their lives.

    • Great point Miranda, I truly agree. That’s why the best sales people only sell stuff they truly believe in.

  • Your site and your message is SOOO COOOOL!!! Just bought your book to listen to!!! 🙂 You´re a wonderful inspiration!

    • Ohhhh thank you Sanna, that’s like the coolest thing I have read today. So glad you found me and welcome!

  • I was in Penang too, lovely beach! The hardest is always call to action …

    • It’s not bad but after going to Koh Mak island in Thailand, well that’s an island in my mind. Idyllic and charming

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