[TSE 5] How To Live An Exile Lifestyle And Create Minimalist Adventures With Colin Wright

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Colin Wright living an Exile Lifestyle

Earlier this year I had the 8th person in a row tell me I really should speak to Colin Wright over at Exile Lifestyle because we have so much in common.

So I looked up his website and low and behold, he was like the male version of me. Colin lives the Exile Lifestyle. Simply put, every 4 months he moves to a new country, runs his businesses and conduct lifestyle experiments while learning as much as he can about that country and its people.

Like me he has his entire life in one bag – although I do believe he’s got it down to a carry on bag as he’s an extreme minimalist (and he’s a boy – I’m just sayin).

He’s just got back to the US, after living in Reykjavik, Iceland. Now his readers, who vote on where he goes next, have chosen for him to head to India.

Ironically that’s also where you guys chose for me earlier this year when I held a Choose My Next Adventure poll, and where I may well catch up with Colin should the timing work out.

So needless to say we share very similar views on the world and I love that Colin conducts lifestyle design experiments too.

In this Podcast Interview we discuss:

  • What Colin loves most but also finds most challenging about a life of constant travel.
  • What types of lifestyle experiments he’s been conducting lately – you’d be surprised
  • How he runs his various businesses including a branding studio called Colin Is My Name, & publishing community Ebookling for authorpreneurs.
  • We delve into how Colin uses social media to give him a platform from which to travel, learn and speak around the world
  • We talk about cool online tools that help him be the most productive and specifically about the ins and outs of publishing eBooks.

Click on the play button at the top or download this in iTunes or Stitcher Radio (and don’t forget to leave a review!).

I had a lot of fun on this interview. Colin has really unique insights on how to live a lifestyle like we do.

Colin’s New Book

Living An Exile Lifestyle Also Colin just published his latest book on Exile Lifestyle on Amazon and it’s just $2.99 you get to see Colin naked bar his laptop on the cover and some incredible insights on what his lifestyle is all about.
It’s the first book I bought for my new iPad Kindle after finally opening the world’s most well traveled new iPad last week and I know it’s a book I will refer to over and over.


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new_twitter_logoA great podcast by @colinismyname and @suitcasepreneur on how to live an exile lifestyle. https://bit.ly/1rRUMkS


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