How To Hustle Like A New Yorker And Get More Business Now [Video]

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Episode One in NYC with Natalie Sisson
New York City

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If you’re going to travel to New York City, this is the perfect place to act like you’re in a scene from Sex And The City. Think Manhattan cocktails (like the one in this photo montage that cost $14!), a skyscraper filled backdrop, yellow taxis, busy streets and of course hustlers.

But why am I showing you this photo and suddenly writing about my travels? Well, it’s my answer to the questions I get from you every week like:

“Natalie when are you going to start writing about your travels?” or “I live vicariously through you, when are you going to start posting more on-location videos?”

That’s why I’m beyond excited to present the very FIRST Episode of ….

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Show

The lifestyle show for traveling entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be location independent

Every single Thursday I’m going to be producing a new video, shot on location, with the following TWO purposes:

1. To show you another side of a city or destination from both a traveler’s perspective and an entrepreneur,

2. To give you one rocking business tip that relates to the location I’m in that you can apply to your business today. So let’s get started with ….

Episode One: How To Hustle Like a New Yorker and Get More Business Now

As the song `Empire State of Mind‘ says: “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York, New York, NEW YORK!”

I absolutely love this city. I first visited in 2008 as I had to leave Canada in order to re-enter and claim my Permanent Residency (yep, bizarre immigration I know).

So I decided, what the heck I want to visit NYC and see the US Open to complete me attending all four of the major tennis grand slams. I never walked so much in my life.

I went to see Ellis Island which is fascinating and of course the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island – and learned that the day it was unveiled to the city  back in 1886, women weren’t allowed to attend. Ah did I miss something?

The Statue of Liberty is more than a monument though. She is a beloved friend, a living symbol of freedom to millions around the world. And that’s what you have to love about New York City.

From its very inception this city has welcomed foreigners from around the world who sought freedom and opportunity to build the lifestyle of their dreams.

You still get a sense that in the Big Apple almost anything is possible, if you hustle.

Definition of hustling:

Here’s Urban Dictionary’s definition, which I laughed so hard at because it’s so NYC:

“Hustling iz makin’ money out of everything no matter what it iz something that mostly happenz in ghetto’z where people don’t have much so they need to hustle”

1st person: Yo what’s crackin bro
2nd person: nuthin much, but i’ve got a sweet deal fo you
1st person: Fo sure?
2nd person: Hell yeah look at this watch

My definition: Hustling is what you do today to help you make money today

Click to share this tweetable. That’s what today’s video is all about. How to make more money and get more business today, especially when you most need it.

When you have your business hat on you’re looking at things to do today to make money down the track. But with hustling, you’re looking for the opportunities right now to leverage what you’re already doing.

Three ways to hustle and make more money:

Watch this first episode to get three practical ways you can hustle like a New Yorker and get more business today!

PS. In the video, I mention a key tool for running your first webinar. Check out MeetingBurner here.

In the comments below, tell me what hustling you’d do if you had to come up with $500 in extra revenue by the end of the week.

  • love the new video series idea! and i saw where you got the intro on fiverr because i was looking at video intro gigs too!

    the part with the puppies was definitely a good decision to add. i loved your commentary and i actually laughed when you said “AND they add greatness to this video.” 😀

    • Yes it’s pretty catchy and popular which is why I’m going to swap it out for something more unique in a few episodes but I like it! Puppies always make for good videos plus I love dogs so more footage to come. Glad you like my humor too – more of that as I get siller

  • Awesome. Love the integration of your travels that segue into biz tips that are practical and implementable. Thanks Nat!

    • Why thank you KC – really appreciate your insight. Think there’s more that can be done but it’s definitely fun to juggle biz and travel.

  • Jessica

    I so appreciated that you mentioned, “Your first webinar is never going to be perfect”–I think that’s something that get people stuck on trying out something new. Thanks Natalie! (Also loved seeing bits of NY in the video.)

    • Hey Jessica. You’re so welcome. I am glad you liked that. I think too many people get hung up on perfection and just like this video, if I’d held off til all was perfect you wouldn’t be watching it now, so you just need to start and continually improve.

  • Luz Garcia-Pennock

    Go Natalie unleashed. I love it The video on location sparkly rocks.

    • Why thank you! Unleashed, that’s a great word. Might incorporate more `unleashing in future videos’

  • Hey there Natalie!!! Love, love, love your new series. You look fabulous AND your information is spot on and helpful. I’m excited for the next one. Thanks for sharing and as always providing tons of content. You da best. You showed me parts of NYC I’ve never seen and I worked there for two years. Love this!

    • Oh wow Rebecca finally found my blog and left a comment – wohoo. So wonderful to have you here. Glad you liked the video, I think the sunshine washes out my emerging wrinkles so glad I look `fabulous’. Think I just come alive talking about hustling 🙂 Didn’t know you’d never seen those parts of NYC. That’s what this is all about so if I can show you something new, then I’ve done my job x

  • Angela

    What a cool concept Natalie. And of course I’m especially pleased that your first destination is at the very top of my ‘must visit before I die’ places. On Saturday I’ll be attending Minicon – A Toastmasters conference, so I’ll have ample opportunity to hustle!

    • Go girl go. Didn’t realise this is the one place you want to head to, it’s a must see and you have to give yourself time to just immerse yourself in it

  • Liz DiAlto

    I can’t watch the vid til I get home, but I LOVE the Urban Dictionary definition of Hustle. I’ll also admit to listening to “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” every morning, the entire first summer I moved to NYC…it really is the state of mind in this city!

    • Oooh that’s a great song. I have that on my playlist too and you’re a total hustler with a great booty shaking attitude to go with it, plus you’re in NYC so that counts as bonus points.

  • Loved the video Natalie! It is many years since I’ve been to New York & it’s definitely on the list – thanks for this great introduction to a city famous for its energy. I also really loved the business wisdom in there as well Looking forward to the next exciting instalment!

    • Why thanks lovely Claire. I’m sure a lot has changed in NYC although at its heart it’s still got that same energy, hustle and bustle as it always did. I think it’s more a commercial hub now and less startup city though.

  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur Show… what a great idea! I love it and know I’ll be looking forward to this every week! It’s gonna be really cool to follow along with you around the world. The combo of on-location shooting and biz tips is fantastic! Nice job including the puppies ? You’re always coming up with awesome stuff. You ROCK!!

    • I agree it will be cool to have you on my journey and getting your feedback on what you want to know and where to travel to next!

  • Love the first video Natalie! Looking forward to the rest. To hustle, I’ve called/emailed past clients I’ve worked for and told them I have x hours this week to give them. I include what i can specifically help them with after digging through all their online accessible marketing info and creating the projects i could do within that time. Also have launched products within 24 hours that are easy, immediate buys and then promoted them through chats, webinars, and business peeps.

    • Opps – sent too quick. That post was from Krystina of the duo known as Kickstart Kitchen 🙂

    • You are a true Hustler Krystina. That’s a great tip, telling them your hours are scarce and drilling down into what exactly you can do to help them based on your research. It shows you care and you know your stuff and you have limited time so they better snap you up quick!

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