[TSE 22] How To Embrace Being A Multipotentialite Entrepreneur With Emilie Wapnick

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The Undeclared for Life Manifesto

So you might wander what this Multipotentialite topic is all about.  Emilie Wapnick defines it as someone with curiosity in many interests, who has a hard time narrowing out their “one true calling.”

If this sounds like you then you are not alone.  In fact, you should be embracing it!

According to Emilie, Multipotentialites are experts in many fields, driven by their passion to dig deeper into their current project and luckily for you, Emilie is one herself and knows exactly what you need to do in order to ensure your many different interests and ideas take shape and turn into actual creations like products you can profit from.

As you can expect, it’s difficult labeling Emilie Wapnick and describing exactly what she does for a living online.  However, her past choices include serious musician and songwriter to a web designer, filmmaker, writer, law student, a coach, author, blogger, and a developer of a television pilot.

Emilie has gone on to built a community on her excellent blog Puttylike.com to bring these Multipotentialites together to empower ech other in a warm, welcoming and creative environment as well as series of products and programs in a pretty short space of time.

Emilie continues to produce epic bog posts on Puttylike and share  resources in subjects of productivity techniques, dealing with naysayers, building business around your passions, and designing a lifestyle that matches your ideal life.

Check out Emilie’s awesome eBook, “The ‘Undeclared For Life’ Manifesto” to take your next bold step into making your dreams a reality and to follow your passions!

Listen to this podcast interview with Emilie Wapnick to learn:

  • Her top strategies for dealing with your multi-potentialities and hw to profit from them
  • Why it’s more than OK to have multiple interests in life and why you shouldn’t listen to those that do not support your interests
  • The importance of a like-minded community and how Emilie’s built a recurring revenue from hers
  • Why you need to get past the fear of perfection and just launch
  •  How you can build an online paid membership community that lights your fire
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