How to Get Around and Save Money on Transport When You Travel

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Natalie on a bike

In the conventional world, most people get around by car, bike or using public transport.

My preferred mode of transport is a bike, but when you’re living out of a suitcase and constantly relocating, lugging one around doesn’t really make sense.

If you’re visiting places like I have recently, mainly in South East Asia, then cycling would be considered potentially a crazy and dangerous thing to undertake – especially when taxis are so cheap and traffic is manic on the roads.

If you’re lucky on your travels, then you’ll be visiting locations or moving to a city where the public transport is awesome and really reliable like much of Europe.

But this isn’t always the case when you’re traveling, so you may have to get creative and savvy when it comes to getting around in a new city.

There are several ways that I’ve done this and in today’s video, I share the the key ways that I save money while traveling, and make it way easier to get around.

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My Solutions for Saving Money on Transport While Traveling:

  • Look for local markets or trading fairs to find great bargains like my vintage bike

  • Use Craigslist, eBay, or the local directory to search for new and used goods that people want to sell or trade

  • Research the public transport system before arriving, so you know what deals they offer on monthly passes, weekly tickets and day passes (especially for tourists)

  • Pick up tourist brochures at the airport, train stations or Tourism offices as they often have vouchers and discounts on travel, sightseeing and transport

In the comments below, tell me the one tip that you have for getting around cheaply when traveling.

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