How to Find the Best Food When Travelling Abroad

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One of the best ways to find great food while travelling is to go out and discover what’s on offer- especially when you’re in places with delicious food like South East Asia.

Chatting with the locals and just randomly trying exotic foods can be an adventure in itself and something I highly recommend.

Plus asking locals for their recommendations can be an easy way to make friends and learn more about the culture while you’re there. They’ll often have you trying stuff you never would have considered, or had no idea how to even order!

That’s the way I found laksa (a noodle soup from Malaysia) and gaeng daeng (real red curry from Thailand) – two of my most favorite dishes that I ended up ordering regularly when I was visiting both countries.

Every single country has it’s own unique cuisine on offer, and some have more options than others especially if you’re fussy.

So what ways can you find great food while travelling – whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, or a vegan?

Well in this fun video, aside from stuffing my face with dumplings I share my two top tips for finding great food on the road, plus what to do to avoid getting hungry and with no food options in sight.

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2 Tips to Find the Best Food When Travelling Abroad

  • Yelp – a mobile app and website that finds the best local food choices through customer ratings and reviews
  • Foodspotting – a mobile app and website that searches the best local dishes in the area through the locals that live there

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In the comments below, tell me one way that you find great food when you travel.

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  • Use your social networks! Post an update on Facebook or Twitter (or your platform of choice) asking your friends for recommendations. And you never know – one of your friends might happen to be nearby and you can end up enjoying a meal together.

    • Yes so true Melissa. Love this idea and I do it all the time with travel tips, so why not the same with food

  • Lesley Machan

    In answer to your question Natalie….one way I find great food when I travel is to take it with me!

    • Ha ha. How long does it keep?

      • Lesley Machan

        As long as I need it to 😉

  • april

    go where you see the locals hanging out! we ate the BEST food in buenos aires right across the street from our apartment (we spend a couple of months there each year, but didn’t try this place until the end of our 3rd year – didn’t even notice it).

    • Yep great call. I think I mention that in my post too – well to let locals show you the right stuff but also observe where they go, as you point out.

  • Hootini

    Great tips… Um… I am here just to get a book (giggle).

    • Love your honesty. So why do you want the book? Lemme know!

  • Fruit and nuts are such a great snack when traveling…even on a day trip, when I’m out and want to avoid wheat.

    Asking locals is definitely the best way to find great local food. I was just thinking back on the best food I’ve eaten at the different places I’ve lived in, and it was all based on local recommendations.

    • Yep recommendations are the driving force in our social lives that’s for sure Holly.

  • Walid Nabulsi

    Good one, but some time asking locals for thier fav dishes, might not be always a success, as you might be ending eating a dish not prepared well (clean) or not tasting good as they look,,, seafood is my option in most cases, nuts and fruits as well

    • For sure that may happen but part of traveling is taking chances and trusting people to steer you right.

  • Betty Humphrey Fowler

    Great information, Natalie, and I love your positive energy! I am now craving steamed dumplings! 🙂

  • melissaburford

    Fabulous info. I really appreciate the tidbits on what different areas serve as more of their mainstay… so helpful!

  • Jason Tan

    Hi Nataline, I am Jason from Malaysia. Seem like you are madly in love with Laksa as you ordered it regularly. Anyway, believe you’ve tried other delicious dishes such as nasi lemak, bak kut teh, satay and others local foods. What a life you have!

    • I probably did as I had some great local friends helping me out on that front and it sure was delicious. I think I have to develop a better taste for spicey foods tho

    • I probably did as I had some great local friends helping me out on that front and it sure was delicious. I think I have to develop a better taste for spicey foods tho

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