How to Find Reliable and Safe Wi-Fi While Traveling

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How to find reliable and safe wi-fi while traveling

Until the day you can’t connect or get decent Wi-Fi, you will never realize how much you depend upon it.

In fact, I’d say that losing connection is the bane of every traveling entrepreneur’s life!

Trying to get decent Internet connection has cost me way too much time and money over the years.

It’s also taught me patience and to do as much work offline as possible especially in countries where the bandwidth is next to useless.

Honestly, it once took me 6 hours and 32 minutes to upload a video for my Kickstarter campaign only to have it fail at the last moment because there were too many ‘gamers’ using the connection!

While you can access free Wi-Fi throughout most of the first world, there are lots of other options you should be aware of, all of which I’ll share in this video.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Which websites to always avoid while in Internet cafes for your own safety
  • Top 10 countries where you can find super fast Internet connection
  • How to plan important meetings and webinars around Wi-Fi availability
  • One tool you can use to get safe and private Wi-Fi connection
  • Two useful resources for finding the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot no matter where you are

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Resources Mentioned:

  • DOODADThis is a data-only travel SIM card, which you put into your unlocked smartphone or tablet, to gain access to pre-paid data (which lasts a year). You can use it in over 50 countries, and counting. For up-to-date rates and countries (and to order your own) visit their website.
  • Free Wi-Fi Finder: Lets you search for free Internet Hotspots anywhere in the world, both online and off.
  • Skype Wi-Fi: Allows you to get online at over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide and only pay for the time you’re online with Skype Credit. You just need the latest version of Skype or their Wi-Fi app.
  • WhatsApp: Free app you install on your smartphone that allows you to text message anyone for free and send photos when you have Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • Private Wi-Fi: Virtual private network service (VPN) that encrypts your communications, making them invisible to hackers and creating a private tunnel within any public Wi-Fi network.
  • Wi-Fi Dongle: You can buy these portable sources of Wi-Fi in the country where you are depending on availability.

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