[TSE 1] How to Become a Communicatrix Online and Gain a Loyal Blogging Audience

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Colleen Wainright

Well it looks like today’s a pretty historic day. Porque? Well you are officially the first person in the world to be listening to the one, the only, the brand spanking new

Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast!

The whole premise of this podcast is to interview entrepreneurs and influencers around the world, who are living a Suitcase Entrepreneur lifestyle and/ or using Online Tools, Social Media and Outsourcing to run their business from anywhere.

I keep them short – 15-30 minutes max – perfect for listening to in your car, on the train, in the plane, on your coffee break, during meditation – as your meditation. It’s up to you.

I ask the cutting edge questions:

  1. What are the top tools you use to be more productive, and save time and money and streamline your business.
  2. How do you use social media to build your expertise, your tribe/crew/ community and promote and market your brand and business
  3. Do you outsource and if so what do you outsource, how and what services do you use to free up your time

A huge shout out to Naomi, my podcast technician and now guru after a fascinating 15 hours of learning how to edit and put together a podcast and submit it to iTunes.

Yes iTunes – it’s available on iTunes! How exiting is that? Very.

I’m over the moon to welcome my first special guest to the show. You may have guessed from the title who that special someone is already. So please give a HUGE hand to Colleen Wainwright!

In a nutshell Colleen is an extremely talented writer, poet, blogger, speaker and much more who puts her life on display on her blog, wraps it in a large dose of humour, quirkiness, brutal honesty and insight, and leaves you always wondering how she makes her words leap off the page at you and into your heart.

She’s also done a tremendous job of building an engaged, loyal and just as quirky tribe over at her blog (and in real life) authentically. So in this 16:59 minute discussion you will learn:

How to become a Communicatrix online and gain a loyal blogging audience

Click on the play button at the top or download this in iTunes or Stitcher Radio (and don’t forget to leave a review!).

Warning: I did this interview in Buenos Aires, and I had been drinking cider. I might be a little tipsy and I am also talking fast in many places – Colleen however is fabulously clear.

Also the sound quality of these podcasts does get better – I assure you. Wow I really sold you on this didn’t I…. enjoy and leave lots of comments!


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