[TSE 28] How To Be A Travel Savvy Successful Blogger With Annabel Candy

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Annabel Candy Whitehorse Canada

Born in the UK, Annabel Candy has traveled to over 40 countries, lived in eight of them and holds both British and Kiwi passports. She’s now living in Australia, writing travel stories, sharing blogging tips, and designing effective, and user-friendly websites.

In this interview Annabel takes us through her entire journey to how she’s managed to make a full time living and lifestyle from blogging and travelling, and having a ball of a time along the way.

It all starts with her passion for writing, back when Annabel didn’t even know what the term “blog” meant, to her current status as the owner of Successful Blogging and Get In The Hot Spot – her travel blog with over 20,000 readers a month.

Annabel started her first blog, Get in the Hot Spot, with quite a radical tag line of “Naked travel Stories and travel tips”, so she could share her passion as a travel writer.

After a year of blogging, her readers started inquiring about blogging tips as well and she struggled to separate out the two.

So she felt the need to express her blogging tips in another outlet thus, Successful Blogging was born.

She became known in her field as a copywriter, social media marketing consultant, and designer of websites for small businesses.

Later this lead to open up her web design company with her husband, Mucho.

Annabel has so much to share about blogging and building a successful business. Her passion and honesty and down to earth nature, shines through in this interview and I know you’ll enjoy it.

Listen to this podcast interview with Annabel Candy to learn:

  • How to monetize your blog on topics you love
  • How having a blog for your business increases your sales and attracts new clients
  • Annabel’s honest mistakes upon starting her blog and why she didn’t blog for a whole year after starting
  • How not to undersell yourself and charge clients what you are worth
  • How much you should charge for sponsored posts and what best practice is

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  • Hi Natalie,

    It was great talking to you and your podcasts are on my listening list for those long journeys:)

    • Oh good to hear. You’re in fine company as you know 🙂 Or the not so long journeys – like the 30 min tube rides or runs in the park!

  • This is a brilliant pod cast and loved listening to your insight and tips. Very inspiring thank you

  • Loved the listen Natalie. I love the focus on integrity and value for the readership. It’s a shame that is missing in the majority of the blogging world!

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