How to Be a Location Independent Entrepreneur in Your Own City

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How to Be a Location Independent Entrepreneur in Your Own City

More than anything, being a suitcase entrepreneur is not about the travel, it’s about you choosing where and how you want work.

For me, I love the adventure of constantly traveling, but to be real, having no fixed place to live and work isn’t always as sexy as it seems.

Understandably lots of people want to use their location independence by just being able to work from home on their own time.

But as you’ve probably experienced, this can get old pretty quickly as you start to feel like you don’t get outside often enough or interact with humans who aren’t just online.

Tia Lloyd, a member of our community, asked a great question about how she could leave her home office to be more nomadic in her own city.

So how can you rediscover where you live while running your business and still be productive and structured?

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How leaving your home office can actually help you create a better routine
  • Where you can go for quiet space in your city apart from your home office
  • Three apps and sites to find cosy cafes and new working spaces
  • How to add more human interaction and networking into your work day

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Also in chapter 10 of The Suitcase Entrepreneur book , I go into depth on this, productivity hacks, and building and maintaining a network while being location independent.

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