How Startup Foodily Aims To Change Superbowl Sunday Forever

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Today’s the big day. No matter whether you love or hate American Football, Superbowl Sunday seems to create a frenzy of excitement around the world.

It’s not just a a major sports final. Superbowl is a marketing lovers dream. It is Americas most televised sporting event.

This year commercial slots sold for $3 million apiece! In fact unlike normal prime time TV shows where people actively avoid watching the advertisements, 15% of people watching Superbowl do so just for the ads.

That’s how well valued this sporting event is to major brands. This year Pepsi, Best Buy and Groupon are some of the major media buyers. But it’s also the year for social media. Big-event television in conjunction with social media is proving a winning combination in today’s evolving media world. As this Forbes article Why Social Media hasn’t killed the Superbowl for Advertisers stated:

“Veteran media brands are fueling that output with blogs, tweets, YouTube and Facebook feeds. The media’s appetite for stories leading into and out of the Super Bowl is immense, and some brands have turned this into an art form.

So that’s why I thought that Foodily, a new social, recipe search engine made a smart move by launching just in time for Super Bowl party planning. What’s more Foodily is founded by two women entrepreneurs – Andrea Cutright and Hillary Mickell.

These two moms who had become accustomed to sharing ideas around cooking and business. Both Andrea and Hillary had full-time work schedules and were leading highly successful careers in marketing in Silicon Valley.

They joined forces and formed the first job share arrangement at Yahoo!. At the end of each day, they could always be found debriefing on the day’s business, and then collaborating on what to feed their families for dinner.  It was the intersection of these conversations that led to the creation of Foodily.

These two decided to invent their own winning formula and started Foodily, which empowers people to make fully-informed decisions about the foods they eat. Through its comprehensive recipe network informed by friends, people can find and share the food they love online.

I was thrilled that they were able to answer my 7 questions in a great video we’ve pulled together. They share their experiences about launching a business in Silicon Valley, getting investment funding and why integrating their business with major social media platforms is so important.

How does Foodily work and use Social Media?

It’s a search engine for comparing recipes, and brings together recipes and friends to make meal decisions and planning a more social experience. The smart integration with Facebook allows you to `Like’ recipes on Foodily which will then appear in your Facebook feed, and recipes your friends like will appear in your Foodily recipe search.

Launching in time for Super Bowl party planning, Foodily also now lets anyone create a Facebook event invitation that includes a menu, allowing friends to see what dishes are planned for events like dinner parties or pot lucks.  Friends can comment on the menu, share their feedback and add additional dishes they want to bring.

It has a comparison view that integrates simple social interactions on Foodily, and users mark recipes as favorites so it’s easy for friends to see what others are eating, save a recipe, or create a Facebook event with a menu.

Foodily makes searching for recipes and food a personalized and fun experience. Knowing a friend likes a certain recipe helps consumers decide what to cook with the help of people they trust. Foodily goes beyond sharing or saving recipes and includes friends in every day conversations around what to eat or what to cook.

Here’s what you can do:

Compare Recipes. Search results return side-by-side recipes and menus that you can browse or flip through to decide the right recipe for you.  Beautiful imagery provides a magazine-like experience and dish inspiration.

See Friend’s Food Favorites. Foodily shows you what recipes your friends like and lets you easily share recipes via Facebook, Twitter or email. Foodily connects you to the opinions and choices of friends and helps you create menus for real meals with friends.

Invite Friends in Facebook, Share Menus. Collect different recipes into one menu where you can share tips and opinions with friends to plan the perfect event. Create a Facebook Event from inside a menu to invite friends to share the meal with you.

If you’re into cooking, social media and supporting women entrepreneurs aiming to change the way we eat, socialize and share then check out Foodily.