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What a year. It seems fitting that I put the finishing touches to this post about the big changes happening this week, while sitting on a Continental Airlines flight that’s brought me to Buenos Aires.

I’m not sure I prepared myself for touching down in Argentina and pulling out my mediocre Spanish but so far so good. It’s been on my agenda to come back and live in this city since I visited in 2003.

In case you’re wondering why I’m heading off to live there for six months, I have four distinct reasons:

  1. It’s summer time there (I was over Vancouver’s cold and drawn out winters)
  2. I want to speak Spanish fluently (I got pretty good when visiting Spain but not good enough)
  3. Cheaper cost of living (anything’s cheaper than London, England and Vancouver, Canada)
  4. I want to really prove I can run my business from anywhere and be a suitcase entrepreneur

So it’s an exciting time for me. All I know is that I have a place to stay for the first few nights with a friend of a friend who plays Ultimate Frisbee.

I’m lucky that the sport I love playing also comes with an amazing community of very generous and accommodating players. You’re pretty much guaranteed an instant network of friends when you arrive in any new location – and of course you get to return the favour as I have many times.

Top Tip: Take up a sport you love that has a worldwide community. It’s the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways!

It’s time for the next leg of the journey

As I embark on my next adventure so too does WomanzWorld. I want to let you know of some key changes happening this week and beyond.

As I referred to in `Market your business with your unique and special proposition’ I’m rebranding this site. It will soon be called `The Suitcase Entrepreneur’ and have a whole new look and a much more defined niche that I’m excited about.

I have found my focus which has aligned with my passion for travelling the world, connecting with women entrepreneurs and running my business. It also speaks to what many of you summed up in the recent survey answers you gave me.

Much like Continental Airlines who recently merged with United Airlines and announced that we’d see changes for the better over the coming months in the inflight video, that’s what’s happening here too.

Except I’m not merging with a major airline – just to get even better. I am however looking for one to sponsor me…..takers?

So let’s find out what’s in store.

What’s arriving and departing?

The results are in. Thanks to the answers you gave me in my recent survey I know what you want.

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to have your say, don’t worry there’ll be many more opportunities. Here’s what I asked:

Q1. Why did you join WomanzWorld?

I’m not going to gush over the lovely things that you said on why you joined, but in short you seem to like my approachable and personable writing style and all round energy and enthusiasm.

More than anything you enjoy being part of a community of women and receiving the support and resources offered here. Topped off by the empowerment, entrepreneurship tips and inspiration.

Q2. What could be improved?

Apparently not much, unless you were being kind. Here’s a direct quote:

I like the posts that introduce new business tools and the ones that cause me to think deep about myself, my passion and what I want to get out of my life/ my business. I enjoy the posts about you and other women who manage to travel and manage their business (and families).”

I did love the ideas put forth including a forum, membership site, and more face to face time – whether with me or via meetups.

I have to say it really appeals to me to hold small meetups of like-minded suitcase entrepreneurs around the world so watch this space – if you have ideas leave them in the comments section.

Q3. What’s your biggest business challenge?

This was illuminating to say the least. From the responses I received, in order of most importance, you said your biggest challenges are:

  • Finding and attracting clients
  • Setting up a new business
  • Time management & focus
  • Generating revenue
  • Advertising/ marketing, visibility/ networking
  • Identifying your business niche
  • Taking the leap into a new business or next stage of business.

Q4. Which topics would you find most useful for me to cover?

This question really clarified for me where you need help most. It’s summarized in this pretty graph too.

First equal was how to attract more quality clients and master social media. Perfect!

This was closely followed by productivity tips and generating more revenue (of course). Next up was creating more fame and awareness, branding and marketing, creating and launching products and building a business online.

Also wanted were PR and Media strategies, goal setting and personal development. Finally there was streamlining operations and systems plus finance and investment strategies. Phew. I got it all.

Q5. How would you like to receive these topics?

So while the above is pretty clear I was fascinated to know how you wanted this killer content delivered. By blog post? Videos? Interviews? Or webinars, perhaps? Let’s take a look…

Well that’s pretty clear! You like my blog posts. And I love to write them. I am taking it a step further though. I’m going to be mixing it up with more videos, online programs and webinars to ensure you can interact more and have a rich multimedia experience.

When is this due to take off?

In fact, I’ve already started to act on these findings with an editorial calendar and a new redesign for WomanzWorld that you’ll see this week!

Don’t worry, all your favourite posts will still be available, as will all the resources and tools.  But it’s time for a change up around here. I talked about it a few weeks back here.

It’s time for me to focus in on my niche – women entrepreneurs wanting creative ways to run their business from anywhere.

Women wanting a suitcase entrepreneur lifestyle that creates freedom in business and adventure in life.

I have to really thank my readers for taking their time to do the survey. I’m now better able to provide you with what you’re looking for, and also provide it in a way that is most relevant to you.

I’m truly excited about the upcoming New Year. Be on the lookout for brand spanking new content courtesy of yours truly.