The Freedom Rebels’ Alternative to B-School

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There’s something you may not know about me. I am, in fact, a lifelong rebel.

Not the kind of rebel that gets caught smoking pot behind the school shed, or the one spraying graffiti on the principal’s wall at college — but I am the one who never liked being told what to do. Who didn’t blindly go along with the status quo and what ‘everyone else’ was doing.

Right now everywhere you look online, you’re being told why you should join this thing called B-School, and that everyone else is doing it. You’re being tempted left right and centre with affiliates promoting their B-School Bonus experiences.

Which brings me to today’s confession.

I am not a B-School babe.

I have never taken Marie Forleo’s program, and I never will.

Yet I know for sure that thousands of others have and really loved it. And this year thousands more will follow them and join Marie Forleo’s interactive online program.

In her words it teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence…and turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.”

And if anyone can help you do this it’s Marie Forleo whose rise to celebrity online status is nothing short of amazing, and her dedication to quality and giving back is also admirable.

I really love that Marie has rocked the internet marketing world, as a woman entrepreneur none-the-less, and gone on to make millions inspiring others around the world to build a business and life they love.

But here’s the thing I know for sure, B-School is not for everyone.

And even though she’s hot and got a ton of sass and charisma, Marie Forleo’s style and way of teaching is not for everyone either.

So if you’ve read this far then you are probably searching for an alternative, that better speaks to what you want out of life. I think I have what you’re looking for.

Let me introduce you to me, Natalie Sisson and your Freedom Plan.

The Freedom Rebel’s Alternative to B-School

So if you know anything about me you know that I’m real, I’m transparent as heck, I speak the truth and I am the first to laugh at myself.

I live out of a suitcase, my clothes are often wrinkled, I don’t wear much makeup, I do handstands and cartwheels all the time. I prefer barefoot over heels and only have one pair of decent shoes in my suitcase.

I love to play Ultimate Frisbee, especially on the beach where I’m more than happy to throw myself around and layout on the sand to catch a disc. Oh and I love going on adventures like cycling 4,000 miles down Africa.

I have also worked hard to build a multiple six-figure business from scratch in under 5 years, while having no place called home and traveling full time. Of that I’m immensely proud.

Freedom is my highest value that I live my life by. Freedom is a privilege. Freedom is a right everyone should have.

And yet they don’t. So I believe I’ve been put on this earth to continue to improve and be my best self so that I can teach and inspire others to choose freedom and live life on their own terms.

What I care about is you.

I want you to live a truly extraordinary life that YOU design.

So I designed the Freedom Plan to ensure you build a business you love that supports your perfect lifestyle, not the other way around.

The Freedom Plan pilot happened in June 2014 and was a sellout with out any marketing or public announcements. I knew I’d hit on something big when that happened. The full program was an even bigger success in September.

The Freedom Plan is a culmination of everything I’ve learned in almost 5 years in running my own business, 18 months of co-founding a technology startup, 8 years in the corporate world in brand, marketing and business development roles, and 2 business degrees at the University of Wellington.

And that’s even before counting everything I’ve learned from traveling the world since the age of 2, visiting 69 countries and counting, living an unconventional life that few people still understand, and knowing first hand what it takes to fight for a life of true freedom.

The Freedom Plan is an intensive (yet fun) online program designed to ensure you build your perfect lifestyle business.

We’re talking about a business you can take anywhere, that allows you to make real money, work less and have more freedom all while making an impact in the world.

Along with 12 incredible modules, there are bonus masterclasses so you can go more in-depth on the most important modules, as well as supporting resources and workbooks.

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What’s the difference between the Freedom Plan and B-School?

Freedom Plan B-School
3 Stages covering the Freedom Mindset, Business Freedom and Lifestyle Freedom Covers smart, effective online marketing strategies to make more sales and more impact from your online presence.
10 weeks recommended + 12 modules 8 weeks and 6 modules
Delivery: Modules are delivered in video, audio and transcripts on a dedicated member site. Delivery: Modules are delivered in video, audio and transcripts on a dedicated member site.
Workbooks and resources are also contained within the modules to make it easy to navigate. Workbooks and resources are also contained within the modules to make it easy to navigate.
Community/ Accountability
3 months access to The Freedom Collective community to ask questions, meet other freedom fighters, share your progress, trade skills, hold meetups, and get 1 x Monthly Group Coaching with me, and 1 x Monthly Expert Training on a specific topic related to business, mindset or lifestyle. I am actively in this community answering questions and supporting you.
Access to a Facebook community of thousands – great if you use it well to gain trust and credibility and new fans, traffic and clients. Easy to get lost in and easy to feel overwhelmed by. Marie’s team is there to support you.
Coaching: Group coaching calls through the Freedom Collective where I stay on the call until everyone’s questions have been answered. Coaching: 6 dedicated group coaching calls with Marie – given the size of the intake of her program unlikely you’ll get to speak with her.
The Freedom Mindset
Perfect Day and Painted Picture Vision,
Ideal Lifestyle Business Models
Finding your niche and ideal customers
Your launch plan
The 1 Page Miracle Business Plan
Website + Blog
Lucrative Sales Funnel
Marketing + Social Media
Sexy Systems and tools
Setting up your Freedom Lifestyle
Creating your perfect freedom environment
Choosing where to work live and play
Profit Plan
List Building
Investment: $997 depending for self study, or 12 month payment plan. Lifetime access Investment: $1997 or payment plan. Lifetime access.

After studying our respective curriculums and having spoken to a lot of people who’ve done B-School as well as members of my community, I believe the above is an accurate comparison and shows that B-School complements my program really well.

Last year I invested a lot in formulating my program and worked with a sound academic framework thanks to Breanne Dyck to ensure you’d go through the necessary levels of learning mastery so that you can actually apply what I teach and see results, not just take it in and do nothing about it!!!

Not included in this comparison above is the awesome bonus classes I have in my program (you’ll just have to wait and see but I can tell you they cover off on the business and lifestyle front) and those in Marie’s program focused around marketing and list building.

At the end of the day what I believe I offer with the Freedom Plan is individuality, uniqueness, accessibility and exclusivity.

There is no one-size fits all template here. No cookie-cutter mainstream learning structure. And I say that in all honesty. I have seen too many copycats in the B-School community and too many people ripping even Marie off – and I get it.

There’s a certain level of fame where people want to be like you, they want to do as you’ve done and get the same results. People will do whatever it takes to achieve that, and Marie knows that all too well.

It’s not a level of notoriety I ever wish to get to. I want to keep on being ridiculously accessible, down to earth, barefoot, cartwheeling, freedom fighting Natalie and I trust that people who dig that, and want to stay true to themselves and find their own freedom plan, and join me when I next open the doors.

A word to the fence-sitters

 So if you’ve been sitting on the fence, wondering why the internet is being overtaken by B-School promotions right now…well it’s for good reason.

Marie has built up a fantastic community, she’s a kick-ass marketer and as Laura Roeder (who helped build B-School when it started over 5 years ago), put it in an email – affiliates make a lot of money through Marie.

I made a lot of money last year promoting B-School and in my video I clearly stated the reason why I was supporting it was that I rate Marie and her work, and I had NO such offering in my suite of products that was comparable.

Now I do. And I think it’s kick-ass. And it’s going to change lives, your life, others lives and create a heck of a lot of freedom while making dreams come true.

So if you want early details, and access to my free video training coming out in April, and you’re prepared to hold off to become part of the coolest Freedom tribe around, then head here to enter your details and get on the VIP list.

Here’s to choosing freedom.