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Finally, I hear you say,  the long awaited eBook based off the excellent series of blog posts has arrived.

I’m excited to have produced my first ever eBook ‘The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Workout’  and to be able to offer it here for you for free.

You’ll be treated to a series of beginner workouts with exercises that you can conduct over a month to see real results for your business.

I’ve added in some extra special information on why Social Media is so good for business and proof that it does indeed attract leads and customers and business.

Like any exercise plan, you need to apply focus and discipline to see the benefits from your effort.

This book will help you shape up and get social media savvy in no time – or at least allow you to make sense of all the tools available to you and how to apply them in an integrated way to your marketing efforts. Or as one elated reader put it:

It’s a short, informative read packed with simple steps to getting your small business “social media fit”. As a so-called social media “expert”, I confess that even I found useful tips that were new to me… and many valuable tips that I knew I should be doing!

If you’re an entrepreneur (or even intrapreneur), check out this eBook to learn the following:

  • What is social media?
  • How to use Facebook to promote your business (for FREE)!
  • How Twitter can let you engage with potential customers (and potential partners).
  • Ways to controlling email effectively (instead of letting it control you)!
  • Tips on using email newsletters to grow your business.
  • Using LinkedIn to expand your business connections and leverage the experience of its network to answer your pressing business questions.
  • How to simply use video to generate fresh, dynamic content.
  • How to create quick and painless websites for your business.

What’s covered?

Workout 1: Back to Basics

Workout 2: Get Facebook Fit

Workout 3: Tone up with Twitter

Workout 4: Exercise Control Of Email

Workout 5: Lunging into LinkedIn

Workout 6:  Make Movie Muscle

Workout 7: Website Weightlifting

Workout 8: Build a Better Blog

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, get your feedback and hear your success stories.

In fact, I challenge you to take the next 30 days to take your Entrepreneurs Social Media workout and email me with your results.

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