Four Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy While Travelling

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I gotta admit that the act of traveling can be exercise in its own right.

It’s only so long after hauling bags around and running through airports that you start to realise that traveling can take quite the effort.

But staying in shape through regular exercise is definitely a must.

And I’m excited about this video cos staying fit and healthy on the road is one of my favorite topics to talk about.

If you’ve been in the Suitcase Entrepreneur community for a while, you might know how much I adore Ultimate Frisbee, and how I play it in basically every country that I go to, which always keeps me fit.

Besides that, even if it’s just twenty minutes a day, I really make an effort to exercise where ever I am.

So in this video I’m offering up four tips for staying fit and healthy when you travel.

And I’ll cover the topic of eating healthy in the next video!

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Four tips for staying fit and healthy when you travel

1.) Get involved in a sport.

2.) Go running – it’s free!

3.) Check out deal sites – like Groupon for trial gym memberships

4.) Downloading workout videos – like Insanity!

I cover the topic of fitness + healthy eating in detail in my Suitcase Entrepreneur book (due out this August) and will be sharing more tips on the blog and in my video series.

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In the comments below, tell me one way you stay fit and healthy when you travel.