Four Steps to Figure Out What You Are Meant to Do in Life When You Have No Idea At All

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In case you hadn’t noticed, entrepreneurs are usually those types who have way too many ideas filling their head to actually know what to do with.

The biggest problem becomes choosing one or two ideas to stick with, and see through into a wildly successful business, before we get distracted by the `Bright Shiny Object’ syndrome.

This syndrome can be likened to being a curious kid in a huge toy shop. One minute enamored by a giant Sponge Bob Square Pants, the next your running over to play with the new limited edition of Transformer Optimus Prime.

But what if you don’t have this particular problem? What if your problem is far worse?

What if you don’t have any ideas at all?

I’m talking about not having any ideas what to do with your life, let alone what business to start. If this is you I want you to take a deep breath, calm down and know that you’re not alone. No you’re not.

This is more common than you think, and I think it’s only marginally worse than having an abundance of ideas that try to derail you on a daily basis from your plans….

Let’s face it, when everyone else around you seems to have their shit together, it can be demoralizing when you still have no idea in the world what you want to do.

I have a confession to make here too, when I used to meet people in this situation, I would marvel at how they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life, and promptly coach them into action.

But then I’m the type of person who knows what I want my life to look like, and that I want to live my best life every day, making an impact while leaving a legacy.

I mean, I put my three year vision together for my life and business , slapped it on Slideshare for the whole world to see (which was daunting to say the least) and had a crazy good response to it.

Even Slideshare thought it was hot and put it on their Facebook page, so right now it’s at almost 2,500 views. But I digress…

How to find your sweet spot

Are you the type of person who’s been trying to figure this out for way too long? Do you have a shelf of books with notes in them, or a reading list piling up on your Kindle full of books you ought to read to give you the answers?

Have you’ve tried making up lists of pros and cons and potential things you could research, or stayed up late at night Googling options, but it just never goes anywhere.

I can guess that you know you don’t want to stay in a job – or in a business you don’t love – forever. You know you want to get paid to be you.

You look at people doing something they love and you think “I want that… if only I could figure out what my ‘thing’ was!”
Discovering Your Sweet Spot

Here’s my take on it, and it’s proven to be true on 99.99% of occasions: The BIGGEST reason why people do not know what they really want to do is that they cannot figure out their sweet spot.

I’m talking about the intersection between what you love to do, what you are good at and what people will pay for.

I’ve written and talked about this a lot because it’s one of my favourite topics, so I pulled out some of my best advice and popped it here to get you thinking on what your sweet spot is, and then how you can take action on it.

Step 1. Know Your Fundamentals

The most important principle to remember is to focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. You don’t need a lot of money or an MBA to start a small business or side hustle, and create a lifestyle that works for you.  You do need a skill, product or service, a group of people who want to pay for it, and a way to get paid. That is the most simplistic way to describe a business that will work for you.

Step 2. Know Your Strengths

One of the easiest ways to find your sweet spot is to make a simple list of what you enjoy, or better yet, love doing. List as many things as possible. For example: Dancing, sewing, painting, writing, speaking, solving IT problems, throwing parties, editing proposals, finding sponsors, pouring coffees, advising people on their next move.

Step 3. Listen to Others

Make a note of what people tell you you’re naturally good at. Stop dismissing it. When your friends or colleagues say `You’re really good at: A) at organizing meetings, B) playing matchmaker, C) baking banana cakes, D) simplifying the complex, E) running raffles, F) Choosing the right clothes, G) making people laugh – listen to what they have to say. They’ve recognized something in you that you take for granted but they find extremely useful and valuable.

Step 4. Find the Solution

Now take a look at the above two lists and see which of those areas people have a need for and are already paying good money to have access to. For example look at Benny the Irish Polyglot.

His story is quite incredible, having never spoken anything else aside from English up until age 21, he managed to master the art of learning how to become fluent in 3 months and now speaks 8 languages fluently.

What’s more he has turned this into a best selling product that earns him enough money to travel the world, learning more languages. He’s got a huge community over on his blog who love getting his updates, watching his videos and mastering a new language.

At the same time he’s helping to teach hundreds, probably thousands of others do learn a language in three months too.

Benny wasn’t a natural at learning languages at all, but he worked really hard at honing his skills into something people needed, wanted, valued and were willing to pay for. Now he’s built a profitable lifestyle business he loves.

For sure this may seem easier said than done but if Benny can do it, so can you. Listen to our podcast interview here to find out his story.

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Tell me below what you THINK you want to do in life or WHAT your sweet spot is.