[TSE 73] How to Clear the Way for a Stellar 2014 with Natalie Sisson

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How to Clear the Way for a Stellar 2014 with Natalie Sisson

The New Year is one of those times when you feel anything is possible, that real serious change can be made and that all those hopes and dreams you have in store can come true.

Then usually what happens is one to two weeks later, you’re struck by ‘life’ and the endless list of things that have to be done, as well as family and work commitments and the good old routine, and most of those intentions fly out the window.

Which leads me to this great quote:

“Definition of madness is doing what you’ve always done, but expecting a different result.” ~ Albert Einstein

You’ve likely heard or read it before and agreed, but what about actually taking Albert’s advice and changing things up for good?!

How to Clear the Way for a Stellar 2014 with Natalie SissonI for one am, and I’ll be damned if you’re going to fall back into the same old demoralizing and frustrating patterns and habits you’ve been deferring to all your life.

2014 is going to be different and amazing!

Yes, it really is. Why? Well I’ve recorded this special episode to set you on the right path to sticking to new habits that actually serve a real purpose and help you achieve your dreams and desires you have for yourself and others in 2014.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode

It’s juicy and I get personal and share some revealing stories as well as ways to help you take action and really achieve different results this year.

  • The key to forming habits that stick
  • What types of habits you should be building
  • Tools to help you clear the way for greatness in 2014

By the end of this episode I want you to ask yourself:

  • What habits are you going to replace?
  • What things are you going to let go of?
  • What are you going to say no to?
  • What are you going to say yes to?

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In the comments below I’d love to know one thing you’re going to permanently change up in 2014, one habit you will adopt or drop or one goal you’re going to achieve. Go!