Five Ways To Stay Connected To Social Media For Your Biz While You’re On The Road!

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Keeping up with promoting your business while traveling can be tricky! If you’re anything like the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s very own Natalie Sisson, you spend a LOT of your time traveling and bouncing around.

Maybe you’re going to be jet setting for a few days in between important meetings and conferences, maybe you’re traveling by train/boat/car and have no access to Wi-Fi for days (GASP!), maybe you’re just in need of a serious vacation and want to get the heck away from your computer with no consequence.

Or, maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to have access to Wi-Fi, but you just won’t have the time to create your usual awesome content! Either way, whatever your transportation of choice and situation may be, you don’t want your brand to fall silent during this time out.

There are plenty of ways to make it seem as if you’re business has not fallen off the face of the planet while you’re traveling and taking over the world, and the internet is a beautiful place to make that happen. While you don’t necessarily have to implement your usual volume of content, it’s important to give your audience something to let them know you’re still there and still giving them what they want to see!There are plenty of tools that you’ll need to keep running your business as an entrepreneur, and these specific ones are going to be hugely beneficial for me while I’m on the road for 10+ hours per day for my upcoming travels.

Here are a few ways to keep up with your social media strategy while traveling, and to keep your company in the spotlight!

Schedule those tweets ahead of time!

If you know that you’re going to be virtually unavailable for an extended period of time, take advantage of giving yourself this notice, and schedule your tweets ahead of time.  I use a tool called Hootsuite to scheduletweets while I’m unavailable, although it also works to schedule on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more, as well.

When I’m traveling, I’ll generally scatter several tweets throughout the time that I’m away. I plan a fewtweets with links to my recent blog posts, some with links to industry-relevant blogs from sites I regularly read, promote and love, and some with recent news articles that have evergreen content (info that will never go out of style). This is a great way to keep traffic flowing through to your site and to continue to connect with people in your industry without actually being present!

Tweet Old Posts Plugin

For you bloggers out there, you may find the Tweet Old Posts plugin super useful. This plugin let’s you keep your old posts alive by automatically generating tweets from your old content! The best part about it is that you don’t have to monitor it one bit. All you have to do is set it up initially so that it will generate tweets based on the criteria you choose! You can have this plugin choose only from posts within a certain timeframe of publishing, you can have them scheduled to randomly tweet x amount of hours apart, and many more customizable options. This tool is wonderful because you just set it and forget it while keeping up with your online presence and driving continuous traffic back to your site! Done and done.


Earlier this year, Facebook came out with its own scheduling tool so that brand pages can schedule posts in advance! When this happened, I may or may not have done a ridiculously humiliating happy dance. Previously, the only way to schedule Facebook posts was through a third party publisher… and Facebook penalized brands who used them which caused posts to show up in a minimal amount of news feeds! So this one is a big. Use it to your advantage! Schedule 3 – 4 posts throughout the week if possible. If not, just update as you can! While you’re away, try to schedule a mix of self-promo updates from your own website and relevant blog posts from others in your industry!

Let your audience know what part of the world you’re in

Use Foursquare to check into places if you’ve got Wi-Fi in a restaurant/café/hotel/etc. After all, you’vegotta eat sometime, right? A simple check-in lets your audience know that you’re traveling, and at the same time, it lets them keep up with your crazy life along the way. I LOVE using Foursquare while I’m on the road because it often comes with various discounts, tips, and advice from people who see the area that I’m passing through! It’s a good way to get to know a certain city or to learn about the most delicious item on the menu in the restaurant you choose! And, as an added bonus, someone in your audience may live in the area and offer to show you the ropes of their city (this hopefully includes a delicious restaurant, coffee shop, and a local hot spot outside of the generic touristy endeavors)!

Shoot some video and upload automatically to YouTube

Whether you’re traveling for fun, heading to speak at or attend a big conference, or traveling for any other purpose, you may have some fun creating videos along the way! You may not be able to do something as epic as this, but you can still have some fun with it! If you’re at a conference, interview some of the people in attendance, or if you’re feeling extra wily, interview the keynote speaker. If you’re on vacation, video little bits and pieces of your journey! There are plenty of ways for you to utilize video marketing while traveling, and it’s a great way to keep your audience in the know of what’s going on with you and your biz.  When you shoot videos that don’t need to be edited, you can upload them directly to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook from your cellphone (gotta love technology these days), so start shooting some videos!

How have you handled your online marketing while you’re on the road? What do you do to keep up with social media while traveling? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Five Ways To Stay Connected To Social Media For Your Biz While You’re On The Road!About the author: Jessie Spielvogel is the founder of an online marketing company called Split Aces Media. She is a cubicle escapee from the cable entertainment industry and has built her own online business through the use of social media and networking! It is her personal goal to help small businesses and bloggers kick ass online, so check out her website and subscribe to receive her free resources to help you get ahead with your biz!

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