Five Forgotten Facebook Features To Revisit

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Facebook insights on demographics

Since it’s Social Media Month here on the blog, I wanted to start off with recapping my reasons why this is even happening. We need to rediscover why we love social media for business! Not fear it.

There are so many changes happening in the major platforms right now, it’s like a Facebook vs Google Plus battle, where each is developing new features at the speed of light, and while poor old Twitter looks positively dull in comparison, it’s all proving a tad overwhelming.

For those of you finding it all too much and losing faith in your favourite social networks, even for the experts, then this month is all about putting the power back into our hands to enjoy using social media again.

Whether you’re a social media addict, a time-strapped entrepreneur, a freelancer with social media clients, or the marketing community manager in your firm, this post is for you.

The Changing Face of Facebook

You spend hours each day checking in on your status, your new notifications, reading the news stream and commenting on friends photos,  updates and videos. You interact with your favourite pages, like things, share things…. but isn’t this all a routine that you don’t think much about?

How about changing it up from time to time? Giving it a purpose, a structure and some tangible benefits? So that instead of just time spent on Facebook you are actually driving new business, new clients, leads, referrals or deepening your existing relationships?

Well if you’re stuck in a Facebook rut, here are five things I’ve recently rediscovered that you may have forgotten about, or not even known existed, that you can action today! No I’m not talking about all the new Subscribe features and the Timeline – that’s up next. This is about the other cool features you may have overlooked.

Freshen Up Your Facebook Page Info Tab

If you have a page (or several) how often have you revisited your information tab and looked at what you have actually written about you, your company or your brand for visitors landing there? I’d hasten to say not often.

I recently checked my own and found out I had old website links, had not added in my new products or even provided links to track people clicking through. Yet this the key place where people click through to learn more about this page they have just liked. This is like the about page on your website or blog!

How to:  Access your info tab by clicking on `Edit Info’ when you’re on your page wall or click on `Edit Page > Basic Information’ .

Info tab on Suitcase Entrepreneur

Check out my latest updated tab for an example of the type of information you can share on this page. Just so you know, according to my Facebook Insights it’s the 3rd most visited tab after my Welcome tab and wall.

Take action: Make sure you fill out every field including About, Company, Description, Products to your best effect. This should be inline with the information on your website so it’s consistent brand messaging.

Hot tip: When choosing which type of page to go with the best is Category: Brand/ Product if it applies to you and then sub category: Product/Service as it allows you to add in the most information on your tab. Add links for your products so you can track who clicks through to them from your info tab.

Link Your Personal Profile To Your Page

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know about this little gem. If you have lots of friends they’re bound to want to know about what you do, where you work or your business. Yet Facebook sneakily links up your `work’ field on your profile to a dummy page that means nothing unless you change it.

How to: On your personal profile click on Edit Profile > Work and Education (4th tab down on the left hand side). Then type in the name of your Facebook page where it says Employer until it comes up as a drop down option and select it.

Linking your Facebook page to your profile with the suitcase entrepreneur

Save your changes and you’re done. Now people will click through directly to your page when they click on `employer’.  Perfect.

Now Facebook just needs to give you the option to change `Employer’ to `Your Company’ for us entrepreneurs! 

Take Action: Make sure you click the X to remove the link to the dummy page linking you to nothing so that it’s not cramping your style. If you own any other businesses then link up your pages here.

Hot Tip: Take time to update your personal profile while you’re here starting with your Basic Information tab, especially if you are the face of your brand or company. It may be outdated.

Get Insightful

I really love Facebook’s Insight Analytics tool – one it’s free, two it provides a ton of great information. Even checking on it once a month can provide you with great `insights’ as to how people are interacting with you on your page. This shows you what you can do more of, to keep engagement high.

How To: To access your free analytics tool, let your eyes wander to the right hand side of your page and under Admin > View Insights  – as you can see below. Here is where you will find a goldmine of information about your likes and page performance, including the main 3 sections:

Facebook Insights

Overview: No prizes for guessing what this tab is about. Key metrics to look out for are how many new `likes’ you have and how many of your likes are actually active. 

Then you can look at your interactions – the percentage of people actually viewing what you publish on your page wall, whether they’re liking or commenting on it. In September it blows my mind to see I had 121,377 post interactions!

Users: This section lets you get deep into the heart of your likes. How many are active – as in visiting your page and interacting with it. What are they doing? How many unique page views are you getting, how many are commenting or liking? Plus where are you gaining your new likes from? Search, other pages, Facebook advertising or sponsored stories?

But it gets better as you can see the demographics and where in the world they are – by country and city, and of course what language they’re using.  Check out my stats on this (not surprisingly I have a big female audience!).

Facebook insights on demographics

Drill right down into what tab are they landing on, what external sources are your likes finding you from – your website, other social networks, an article you wrote on a major site?

Interactions: This third and final tab with more pretty graphs, shows you how many new likes vs unsubscribes you have. It tells you which posts are proving most popular by giving you a run down of your last 10 posts and how many impressions they had (how many times they were `shown’ to visitors) as well as your percentage of feedback on them (likes and comments).

Take Action: Get busy, at least once a month, on checking your insights for your page or pages and look at what you can do more of that’s resonating with your likes.  Makes sense to do more of what’s working right?

Hot Tip: People love photos (and videos) so make sure to mix up your media on your page. Ask questions, share other stories, put up fun or compelling photos, link to your YouTube videos or those of others, as well as your own blog posts and website. Make it engaging, interesting, and entertaining.

Let Your Page Do The Talking

Perhaps not a forgotten feature, but a brilliant one that not everyone knows about. Introduced a few months back, Facebook allows you to comment on other pages and profiles as `Your page’. Why is this extremely handy? Because it means people who see your comment on the page they’re a like of, can click on your name and be driven right back to your page – leads and referrals baby!

How To: In the same place you’ll find insights (see image above) head to Admin > Use Facebook as XXXXX. Once you click on that you will see that you are now your page. So you just have a home page where you will see news feeds from other pages you have liked as a page (if you’ve already done that). You will also see new notifications specific to your page – how many new likes you have and new interactions on your wall.

Take Action: The first thing to do is go and visit 5-10 of your favourite pages that you interact with or are aligned with your business/ brand and like them.  While you’re there, if you see a great post that you want to comment on then do. What you’ll see is your page posting that comment – and so will the other likes of that page. Imagine picking a page with thousands of fans, whose privacy settings allow other people to post to their page and comment on it, and think of getting in front of them!

In this example below, I’ve visited Karen Gunton’s awesome Build a Little Biz page and left a comment as my page to her 5,000 plus likes.  If people like what I say, they can click on my link and come directly to my page and say hi.

Posting as your Facebook page

Hot Tip: Aim to do comment on at least one of your favourite pages each day. And make sure you add them to your favourites on your page so your fans can see who else you interact with and recommend for them to visit.

Tag – You’re It!

Clearly this is not the tip of the iceberg, the best feature by far is to tag other pages. Although I caution on doing this too much as otherwise you are in danger of becoming a spam artist. It’s a very handy marketing tactic for gaining new fans and referrals if you use it wisely and ethically.

How To: You do this by liking the page first (and generally it takes up to 8-12 hours before they show up as a page you can tag on Facebook). Then on your own page you write a status update and use the @ to find the name of the page you have liked.

In the example below I am in the process of tagging the wonderful Young Entrepreneur Facebook page for publishing my recent article. This will then show up on their page as a post from my page (if they allow other people and pages to publish to their page).  With over 19,000 fans there’s a good chance a percentage of people will be interested in checking mine out- as we have similar audiences.

Tagging other pages on FacebookNow people can, once again click on the name of my page to be led directly back to it. This is handy to employ when you’ve had a guest post on your site and you want to credit them and their page, if you’re crediting an article by a source and want to include their page too. And so many other valuable reasons.

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So which of these features do you use often and which ones had you forgotten about?
  • Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for another great post!

    I confess that I had never really paid a great deal of attention to the analytics on my page. But I looked at it whilst reading your post & discovered that my welcome tab is not particularly effective. Another thing to add to my ‘to-do’ list


  • Natalie

    Hey Jen. Why thank you.

    It’s amazing how many things you can overlook with all the additional features being added constantly. When it comes to measuring your results though it’s an essential so I look forward to seeing the results you report in on!


  • Thanks Natalie for a great post. This is really timely as I have just set up my page (at last) and am working on a landing tab. Fantastic information – as always!

  • Thanks for the info on tagging – that was new to me! Great information.

  • Clara

    Hi Natalie, how effective is your Facebook page compared to the traffic & interactions you get through your website? Would there be a lot of overlap?

    • Natalie

      Great question Clara. Actually I think they are quite different audiences at time. By far and away the most traffic is driven through my blog but obviously updates on FB through the Networked Blogs application that’s part of my page helps drive traffic and new visitors, as does promotion on other social media sites.

      That said there are a lot of fans who find me through other pages and activities and who come back weekly to engage on the page which I like and answer questions and leave comments. I have not done enough analysis into weather they are also reading every blog post and visiting my site regularly. What’s been your experience?

  • Awesome, Natalie! Thanks for sharing. I’m passing along the info to my Facebook readers. Thank you!

    • Natalie

      Thanks Debra that’s great to hear

  • Fabulous post Natalie. Chock full of actionable items for my daily to-do list. Thanks!

  • Igniter Walseman
  • facebook easy use tip thanks

  • Thanks for the great info Natalie

  • Thanks for the great info Natalie

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