[TSE 15] Falling In Love, Sailing The World And Becoming An In-Demand Author With Torre DeRoche

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Don’t you love those stories where dreams do actually come through. Where the girl falls in love with the foreigner and they go sailing off around the world together and live happily ever after?

Australian born Torre DeRoche is living proof of this. A talented graphic designer, Torre has an amazing story that started in a bar where she laid eyes upon her future boyfriend.

Don’t all good things start in a bar??

I digress.

Torre fell in love with an Argentinian hybrid, who invited her to sail the world with him, from San Francisco  to Australia. Despite being a fearful adventurer (her blog name) and a self described neurotic, she said yes. Which is a true testament to her courage especially if you read her `About page’ description of herself:

“Rife with phobias, but unwilling to be stopped by fear, I engage in daring adventures, hopeful that I’ll one day be miraculously cured of anxiety. Meanwhile, I blog honest accounts of my journey and the realizations I have along the way. I hope to inspire others to face fears, follow dreams and proudly let their fear flags fly.”

Luckily for us as Torre has an amazing writing ability and she decided to write a book on this sailing adventure. Swept – Love with a chance of drowning will be back out on Amazon to read once she’s gone through her publishers.

Let me rephrase that. She put her business on hold to write this book for 2 whole years and tried to get a publishing contract. That is a brave decision to make, and after many rejections from publishers and dwindling savings account, she self published.

What happened from there is truly extraordinary. Within a month she was discovered on Twitter and asked if she would sell the rights to her book for a movie, as well as receiving multiple offers from major publishing houses.

I cannot do her amazing story justice so I recommend you read My Journey: Self-Published To Big Publishing Deal. Better yet, if you want to hear her story in person then I suggest you listen to our podcast.

In this interview with Torre DeRoche you’ll learn

  • Torre’s truly fascinating story of love to publishing contracts and upcoming adventures
  • How to just go with your gut instinct and apply fierce focus to what you really want in life in order to make it a reality
  • How to create a thriving blog by just being yourself and writing from the heart
  • The path from self-published to six figure book deals and lessons learned

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I told myself: I could never do that. I’m too afraid. But now I know better. @fearfulgirl via @suitcasepreneur https://bit.ly/1qrcfp9

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