Face The Fear, Quit Your Job And Start Your Own Business

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Fear Factor. As promised, every second Friday, coach Heather and I will tackle the big questions you have around fear.

Today Heather touches on a topic that is dear to my heart as I hear it all too often. The old:

“I want to start my own business as I have this idea but I can’t just quit my job.”

Actually you can, that’s just an excuse – a valid one but not a good enough one in my mind. However we both know how hard that decision is to make. To let go of that safety net and 100% commit to you an idea you have.

I did this last year with absolutely no safety net behind me, no back up plan and no savings – I can tell you I have faced fear head on and it was scary and it was also hands down the best thing I ever did.

Heather shares her amazing gutsy story in this video too. In this short video you’ll also learn:

Your 3 Prong Approach to Facing Your Fear

Why you have to move the Pinto out of the parking space to make way for the Ferrari

That fear is ignorance and how you can get help with that.

That you’re just like a helium balloon and why it’s time to drop the cement.

Heather White with The Suitcase EntrepreneurOur Fearless Factor Resident Coach Heather White is an entrepreneurial business coach who helps clients strike a dynamic balance between grounded self-care and accelerated profitability. Marrying these characteristics with discipline and attitude has enabled her to work with some global business leaders. Join us here every second Friday.

One of my favourite quotes of wisdom is from my idol Seth Godin. In Linchpin he states that if you have a back up plan – like a part time  job, while starting your business, you will always defer to your back up plan.

The advice here is – don’t have a back up plan. Fully commit. Take a big breath. Go for it!