Escape from Cubicle Nation Interview with Pamela Slim

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For those of you who have not yet heard of Pamela Slim, then you’re missing out. Her motto defines her true passion: Pamela is my name, freedom is my game.

Pamela and I bond over coffee

This vivacious, down to earth and incredibly warm soul, is an author of the best selling Escape from Cubicle Nation and a Business Coach.

She’s passionate about helping people follow their dreams by quitting their 9-5 day job and starting their own business.

I’ve been following her blog and tweets ever since discovering her through Chris Guillebeau. I soon realised all the great bloggers and writers are collaborating – Liz Strauss, Chris Brogan, Jonathan Fields, Leo Babuta.

They’re bringing us amazing gifts, insight and products for those who are addicted to learning, improving and living their best life. I can only hope to follow in their footsteps.

When I joined the $100 Biz Forum that Pam and Chris launched in February, I knew I was part of something special. It was a community of 150 aspiring entrepreneurs who were looking for that helping hand to take them from turning those long held ideas into an actual business in 28 days.

It was fascinating to engage with and learn from everyone participating. They were asking great questions and putting their fears out there and growing before my very eyes.

It made me realise that all the same doubts and challenges I faced were held by everyone else. You’re not alone, in fact you’re surrounded by amazing individuals who want to help you succeed and leave a fabulous legacy.

It strengthened my belief that just by taking action each day to move towards completing a project or product launch was an incredible achievement, and one that so many people will never do because they get trapped in that cubicle  of comfort, safety and complacency.

Creating Opportunity

It was during one of the $100 Biz Forum group phone calls that the opportunity to actually meet with Pam came about. I went something like this when I signed in:

Pam Slim: “Oooh someone just came online from Vancouver, hello, who’s that?”

Natalie: “Hi Pam it’s Natalie”

Pam: ” Hi Natalie, great to have you on the call, I’m coming to Vancouver in a few weeks for a conference”

Natalie: “Really, awesome, we should have coffee”

Pam: “Yes let’s do it. Are we connected on Twitter? Send me a message and we’ll make it happen”

And just like that, through the power of social networks and the Law of Attraction it happened.

That and me constantly following up reminding the lovely lady in question that we had a date and  that yes I was prepared to meet at 7am on a Saturday morning over a large Starbucks Coffee.

This interview below was kindly filmed by my dear friend Elizabeth. We got to spend over an hour and a half speaking about all things wonderful with Pam. It was certainly an awesome start to our morning and the start of something special.

(Note to viewers this is me winging it, hyped on coffee and little sleep – the perfect recipe for success)

On the note of Law of Attraction, it’s been on my `Bucket List’ to get published on and yesterday that wish came true. Just in case you didn’t sense my excitement about it from various tweets and posts you can read it here. I’m going to be a regular contributor which just blows me away actually.

A huge thanks to all of you who sent me congratulations, it was much appreciated.