Defining Your Business Personality

Posted on / by Natalie Sisson / in Entrepreneurs

Tonight I’ll be choosing the winner of the signed copy of Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears book: The Boss of You – Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business.

Just by leaving a comment on my recent interview with the lovely Lauren, you can still be in to win.

I have to admit to picking up the book and taking a read through the first few chapters before I have to give it away! What I’ve found is a treasure trove of practical and achievable steps to starting and running your own business.

Even if you have yet to set your own concrete vision and put a plan in place, this book will guide you through it step by step. I’ve been doing a lot of this work myself recently with my vision and plans for WomanzWorld.

However I decided to under take a few of the activities to ensure what I’d already written down included some of their excellent advice.

I particularly loved the section on figuring out your business personality. I’ve talked about defining your personal brand before, but viewing your business as a person was a great concept.

If my business were a person and walked into a room who would itbe?

Here’s what I came up with that I’m happy to share with you:

If you were describing your business as a person, what characteristics would it have?

Stylish, savvy, smart, energetic, outgoing, friendly and free-spirited.

What colours, tastes and smells come to mind when you think of your business?

Greens and blues – earth and sky to represent grounded practicality with big picture thinking. Splashes of bold reds reflecting passion and yellow for positivity.

Smells of citrus for fresh ideas, freshly cut grass and delicious lilies. Rain on sidewalk after a scorching hot day, the ocean and freshly baked bread.

What kind of clothes would your business wear?

Unique and stylish, feminine and sexy yet practical and easy to move in (for that impromptu dance opportunity).

Describe a meal that would reflect your business’ personality?

Super tasty yet perfectly simple food including breakfast with eggs, fresh fruit, juice and champagne or a fantastic Greek salad with warm pita bread and mezes.

List three people who epitomize an aspect of your business?

Coco Chanel for her unique style, passion and sophistication that allowed her to stand out from the crowd.

Beyonce for her sheer booty power, energy and total self confidence

Oprah Winfrey for her amazing power to connect, engage and impact so many so profoundly