[Day 9] How to Build a Blog With Purpose and Profit From it

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Having a blog is like having your own communications, PR, sales, marketing and customer service team all rolled into one effective tool.

Done right, a blog can help you to clearly articulate your thoughts, your expertise and stand out as the go to person on your subject matter.

It can also act as a vehicle to provide the most relevant and topical information to your customers and community as well as a way to announce new products or services designed to help them.

You can use it showcase work you’ve done with clients as case studies and help others through your teachings while at the same time showcasing your knowledge and skills. So let’s dive in to the power of blogging with purpose.

Day 9: How to build a blog with purpose and profit from it

I’m pretty dam pro blogging since I’ve managed to build my entire business from starting mine, but it’s taken a lot of time and a steep learning curve over the years to build my blog into what it is today.

But with over 200 million blogs worldwide you may be wondering how you can stand out and possibly get noticed?

Before thinking of launching a new blog, ask yourself:

*      Why does my blog exist?

*      Who will read my blog?

*      What makes me special?

It all comes down to identifying the purpose of your blog upfront, how you’re going to be different and having clear goals on what you want to achieve and who you want to help. These goals will help keep you focused at all times and give you purpose.

I’ll tell you how to do this and more in How to start a blog that matters 

How to get started blogging

  • Set up a WordPress blog (or Tumblr or Blogger but WordPress is the best)
  • Make your branding consistent with that across your social media sites
  • Provide useful information that solves peoples’ problems
  • Provide unique or new insights into subjects
  • Have a strong opinion and state it – don’t be vanilla
  • Write in a way that is clear and concise
  • Establish a regular posting schedule and stick to it
  • Use headlines for your blog posts and subheadings within posts that are keyword rich so you can ensure your content gets found online
  • Remember to share your blog posts widely on your chosen social media channels
  • Have a call to action on your blog post to sign up to your email list or leave a comment to encourage engagement
  • Use your blog to highlight your products and services in a way that is useful and valuable like case studies of success stories with your clients, or educational videos and write-ups on why your product matters

Hubspot blog exampe

Two Advanced blogging tips:

Tip 1:

Danny Iny at Firepole Marketing (aka the Freddy Krueger of blogging) offers this advice for those of you who offer very distinct services within your business and are struggling with how to position yourself as an expert when writing your blog posts:

“Focus on ONE topic that will be of interest to ONE group of people. Then, when you start gaining popularity, you can branch out to include related topics, by leveraging the halo effect.*

*Halo effect = a psychological and cognitive bias, that basically means if I think you’re an expert about one thing, and I hear you talking about something related to that, I’ll trust that you’re an expert about that, too. But I have to think you’re an expert on the first thing, first.

Tip 2:

My number on tip is if you want to succeed at blogging then treat it seriously from the beginning and make it your life mission to understand how to become a better blogger.

I’m talking about improving your writing techniques, establishing your content creation routine, using different types of media like video and podcasts to differentiate yourself and having a clear voice and distinct brand.

Some of my favorite sites for this are problogger.com and copyblogger.com as well as listening to podcasts like that from Social Media Examiner.

The better you get and the more established your blog becomes, the more opportunity you have to not only use this powerful tool to create more business, but also opportunities for sponsorship and advertising and more.

Key Blogging resources to read: 

Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Page in 20 Minutes or Less | Michael Hyatt

40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content | Chris Brogan

Don’t know what to blog about? 88 pieces of fill-in-the-blank inspiration | Alexandra Franzen

Top 24 Blog Lessons Learned in Two Years | Natalie – yes me!

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