[Day 8] How to Use Pinterest to Create A Compelling Visual Brand Story That People Love

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Since launching 2 years ago, Pinterest now has 70 millions users of which around 80% are women and it gets around 2.5 billion page views per month. In fact its growth outstripped the traffic of Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined and it’s capable of driving more referral traffic than Twitter.

Pinterest is a very unique social media site in that it’s built around containing visual content.  Users share visual images from the web, by “pinning” them on to a series of PinBoards. “Pinners” can create, share, collect and repost information in picture, image or video format.

Day 8: How to use Pinterest to create a compelling visual brand story that people love

Pinterest allows you to have your personal profile and a business account. In fact many Pinterest users have several accounts for their different interests, for example you may be a passionate jewellery maker showing off your beautiful pieces, and have an interiori design business where you have created boards on kitchens, dining rooms, furniture etc.

What’s so interesting is that Pinterest users tend to spend around $140-180 through purchases they make via Pinterest, compared to around $70 for Facebook users.

How you can use it:

  • Create and complete your Pinterest account with your consistent branding, bio and imagery for you personally or better yet;

  • Sign up for a Pinterest Business page and start building a visual story for your brand and business

  • Link Facebook and Twitter to your account to give your pins more exposure and choose which pins are posted out on an individual basis to your Facebook profile and Twitter account

  • Pin images complimentary to your business such as images of your products, your free opt-in offer, your upcoming webinars or programs

  • Choose great images for your blog post and then use the `Pin it’ extension on your brower to pin that image directly to your Pinterest board so it links back to it.

  • The more interesting, engaging, quality images you use the more likely your content is more likely to get pinned.

  • Pin different types of images. Include photos, infographics, videos and text and use Picmonkey to enhance your images with text.

  • If you use online videos to market your products and services you can put them on YouTube and now Vimeo and pin them direct to Pinterest

  • If you have an eBook upload images of the front page of your eBook (or book) to Pinterest and any other promotional items for it (that link to your sales page)

  • Create a board with your products and services, and you can add in others that relate that you think your community would like (especially if you’re an affiliate!)

  • You can pin your favorite books or products on Amazon related to your niche directly from Amazon and you can use your affiliate links to make a commission

  • Comment and Like other people’s boards and pins, just as you would on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or GooglePlus

  • Use Names and Tag. Use @tags to notify the user you are engaging with. Use hashtags (#) to highlight keywords.


Advanced Pinterest Strategies

  • Try to use vertical pins as they get more repins than horizontal ones as they take up more space in the Pinterest newsfeed so they’re more visible
  • Use the free Pinterest analytics to tracks who’s pinning from your website and then go and thank them and follow them
  • If you run an event for your business whether it is annual, regular or a “one off” then create a board to highlight attendees and speakers and so therefore crowd source your marketing. The attendees will repin and share their photos (as long as you let them know with a follow up email) which helps spread the virality of your event
  • Track your pins with PinAlerts, a new and free Pinterest tool that’s sort of like Google Alerts, will email you every @me your website receives a new pin on Pinterest.
  • Create specific boards for your podcast or video series or for example like my 30 Day Blog Challenge where I pinned my posts and a bunch of others from people who were taking part (so they loved seeing their pins too or my Suitcase Entrepreneur book board where I pin readers photos and reviews

Suitcase Entrepreneur book pinterest board


How to Pin a YouTube on Pinterest

Navigate to the video you want to share on YouTube.

  1. Click on the Share button.
  2. Copy the URL link below the social media icons not the Embed button.
  3. Copy and paste that video URL.
  4. Click the Add+ link in Pinterest, paste the URL and then click on the Find Images button, and add the link to your favorite board.

Tools for Pinterest

  • PicMonkey.com for making pretty pins, even just putting great font on a clean background will work great as a pin that gets shared a lot

Key resources on YouTube to read:

How I Grew my Pinterest Following from 1000 to 4000+ in 3 months | Designing an MBA

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic and Grow Your List with Melanie Duncan — Amy Porterfield

Pinning principles | Pinterest for Business

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