[Day 7] How to Use YouTube to Create Powerful Videos That Bring You New Fans and Business

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Day 7 - How to use YouTube to create powerful videos that bring you new fans and business

Video is quite possibly the most powerful medium out there to build a brand because people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but 70% of what they hear and see.

I wrote about the future of video to transform our worlds and businesses in The Suitcase Entrepreneur book and here’s a direct quote from Chapter 4 – The Future of Work

“People are watching more video online than ever before, and we’re watching a lot of video on our mobiles. YouTube receives over 600 million views a day and over three billion hours of video are currently watched per month.

So hands down you need to be creating video. There’s nothing stopping you from creating a professional three-minute video that sells your business and acts as an online brochure for what you do.“

 How to use YouTube to create powerful videos that bring you new fans and business

If you didn’t know, YouTube is owned by Google now so it’s technically the second largest search engine and that means huge benefits for getting found online and your SEO, especially if you use keywords in your titles and video tags.

In April 2013 YouTube redesigned their channel looks for the better. The benefits have been pretty apparent to me and others which include:

Gain more subscribers. Increase the chances that someone subscribes every time they visit your channel

Get more visits. Channels that are opted in to the new design have seen a significant increase in visits to their channel page because clicks from the guide (on the sidebar navigation) always go directly to the channel.

Get more visibility. Channels that are opted in to One Channel have their channel art visible on iOS & Android apps, mobile web and TV.

YouTube is free to set up and you can customize your business channel and link it to your Social Media sites. Check out mine to see how this is done and subscribe to mine for weekly business and lifestyle videos!

How to use YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube account and go through the setup process to fully fill out information, a channel description and connect your key social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to it
  • Select your channel art and upload an image of 2560 by 1440 pixels that represents your channel and is consistent with your branding on your website and the other social media sites you’re on

How to create YouTube Channel Art

  • Upload a trailer video that explains what people will find on your channel, showcases your content and entices them to subscribe to your channel – this can be you talking to the camera, a product demo, or a voice over to images on a screen or a powerpoint even
  • Think carefully about what type of videos you could commit to creaitng and on what topics that would help your ideal target market.
  • Then go about creating them (you can record direct to YouTube using your laptop camera!) or from your smartphone or a video camera – the key is uploading and publishing them consistently
  • Use YouTube’s Video Editor if you want to create more effects and a professional look for your videos, it’s really easy to use and has quite a lot of functionality
  • Give your video a great description (if you wrote  a blog to go with it you can paste that entire blog in there) especially if it uses keywords
  • Include a URL at the start of the video description so people can visit your business website or Fan Page or the blog you featured this video in, plus add keyword tags (just like you would on your blog post)
  • Promote your video once it’s published using the unique URL that each video gets and send to customers via email and on your website
  • Use the unique embed code so you can place your video directly into your website or blog and use the social media share buttons under the video to spread the word
  • Put the YouTube widget on your sidebar and encourage people to subscribe to your channel (increase seen on my site)
  • Link your channel with a Google+ page or profile if you haven’t already. Your channel art will represent you across YouTube, Google+ and all Google sites.

Advanced YouTube Tactics

  • Use annotations on your video which allows you to put up notes like `If you like this subscribe for more great videos’ or `Click here to get my free report’
  • Once you get more content up on your channel you can use annotations to link to previous or related videos too – they’re a great call to action tool
  • Create specific thumbnails for your video using picmonkey.com where you can overlay text and give it a title and avoid that embarrassing still of you with your goober face!
  • Create sections by adding videos into playlists that allow you to guide viewers to your best content – see an example of mine  in the image below

YouTube playlists


Tools for creating great videos

Animoto is a great tool that takes your photos and videos and turns them into professional videos you can download and embed anywhere. It’s very simple to use and has a monthly fee. You don’t need any extra software and you can create a video masterpiece complete with music and titles that you can use as your promotional video.

Ezvid allows you to both record your screen and edit the video. It’s all done online and it’s designed for YouTube. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You can create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, talk over the top of it and record your screen to make a training video. It’s great for Windows. Screencast is a great tool for this too and it’s good for both MAC and PC.

Instagram is great for posting high quality photos and sharing to your social media streams, however since they introduced 15 second videos a few months ago it’s been a great tool to use to create fun, entertaining and useful videos. Sandy Sidhu wrote a great post 6 Ways to use Instagram Video For Your Business

Key resources on YouTube to read:

34 Ways to Use Youtube for Your Business

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A Youtube Analytics Guide for Beginners

8 Ways to Maximize Your Youtube Marketing Results

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