Day 4: How to Use Twitter to Win Friends and Influence People

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Day 4: How to use Twitter to win friends and influence people

Twitter is one of the most useful and easiest social media tools. Once you get good at condensing what’s important into 140 characters or less you’ll find a myriad of reasons why this social media site can work for you.

It’s the best source of information on the current trends that matter, breaking news, product updates, events happening and a great place to find deals, opportunities, new clients, new team members and get answers to your questions in real-time.

Day 4: How to use Twitter to win friends and influence people

I adore Twitter and it’s probably why I made the Forbes List 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship back in the day and several others since, and between @suitcasepreneur and @nataliesisson have over 25,000 followers.

It’s currently my number one driver of traffic to my website and a source of great news, interesting links, fun conversations and shout outs from my followers that I can scan and read through in 5-10 minute chunks throughout the day.

I use it as a promotional and marketing tool, a handy resource whereby I favorite great tweets and interesting articles, as well as a way to serve my customers and answer their questions.

Here’s how you can use Twitter

  • Be personable, friendly and real, be the face of your business
  • Share information with people that they’re actually interested in – like newsy updates, blog posts, new podcasts and videos
  • Use inspirational quotes which are one of the sure fire ways to get retweeted and gain followers
  • Be provocative, funny, intelligent or just put your opinions out there – you’ll be way more interesting to follow as a result
  • Give updates on new product features or services you’re introducing or launching
  • Promote competitions, incentives and exclusive offers that either you’re running or others are – people will thank you for it
  • Showcase the latest company news via regular updates or give tips and tricks on how best to use your product or service (video, photo, how to series of tips)
  • Use hashtags to categorize things and make it easier for others to find you like #socialmedia #travelhacking #sandiego
  • Find interesting people under categories you’re interested in on Listorious and follow the most interesting
  • Use Twitter lists to organize these influencers, as well as your followers and media so you can easily find them and keep track of them
  • Build relationships with followers by asking questions and starting conversations
  • Answer any queries or resolve any real-time questions from customers within 24 hours or less (use keywords and search terms and @replies to keep track of this)
  • As you grow your following, from time to time it pays to unfollow people who have inactive accounts or just aren’t interesting, too spammy or not following you. ManageFlitter does this in one hit

By the way almost all of the above is made a heck of a lot easier by using Hootsuite – my social media dashboard of choice.

How you get started on Twitter

  1. Go to Twitter and create a user-friendly Twitter ID (@yourname)

  2. Set up your profile with a logo or a photo of you to make it real (keep this consistent with your Facebook profile and across all social media sites)

  3. In your profile create a catchy and compelling bio that has keywords for what you do included, plus a link to your website

    Suitcasepreneur on Twitter

  4. Follow the right people – visit Twellow (the yellowpages of Twitter!), set up your profile, then search out people in your area of business and interest and follow them

  5. Get a Twitter Manager: There are several great clients to manage your account(s). I love Hootsuite and highly recommend it as you can manage multiple twitter accounts, set up lists of people and interest areas to monitor and engage with analyse key metrics on what’s working, and set up tabs to monitor hashtags, replies, mentions

  6. Learn the lingo. I’d suggest you read through this excellent resource on Mashable.

Bonus tips on using Twitter

I asked my good friend Alexis Grant for just a few extra top tips on using Twitter since she’s one of the go-to people I like for using it in the right way:

1. Use the @mention! 

This sounds simple, but too many people tweet without @mentions, which means you’re not getting nearly as much value from each tweet as you could. When you use the @mention, you help other people notice you, and that could turn into a RT or a reply or a follow.

That person you @mention might even click over to your blog to learn more about you, and become a blog reader or buyer of your products or client for your business. Adding @mentions into your tweets takes a little bit of work, but it’s so worth it. Here’s more about how this tactic can drastically grow your network.

2. Use lists to get noticed.

Lists are a great way to cut through all the noise of Twitter and see tweets from people who really matter to you. I like to create what I call a “Notice-Me List,” a private list of people I want to notice me.

I add all sorts of targets to this list, from editors I want to write for to literary agents I’m hoping will be interested in my book. Then I spend a few minutes each day browsing that list, looking for ways to subtly interact with those people — by RTing their tweets, @replying them, @mentioning them, and more. This is a big opportunity to use Twitter strategically, rather than just sort of wasting time on the network.

If you want to make valuable connections on Twitter, Alexis will teach you how in Become a Twitter Power User. The five-week course begins Oct. 7.

Key resources to read

5 Ways to Use Twitter Beyond the Basics – Entrepreneur Magazine

4 Excellent Examples of Twitter Contests – Ask Aaron Lee

16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business – Social Media Examiner

How To Use Twitter To Get Clients And Make Real Money  – from me!

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