[Day 1] The Power of Social Media to Build Your Online Business

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How to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy that Converts with Rick Mulready

A warm welcome to the very first day of the Ten Day Social Media Challenge. The aim of this 10-day series of posts is to help you to use the power of social media to build your brand and business and act as your sales, marketing and customer service team!

By the end of 10 days you should have:

  • Created a complete strategic plan of attack for using social media for your brand and business
  • Learned and how to establish your credibility and build a loyal community,
  • Developed an understanding and plan to generate more traffic, gain new leads and grow your customer base.

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Episode 56 The Power of Social Media to Build Your Online Business with Rick Mulready

How to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy that Converts with Rick Mulready

To kick off this challenge with a bang we’re going to launch right in with a fantastic podcast interview I did with Rick Mulready, social media strategist and host of the Inside Social Media Podcast.

This is episode we focus right in on why social media is so powerful and the key strategies you can implement to use it to grow your own brand and business.

Rick has interviewed huge brands like CITI, McDonalds, and Ford to figure out how small businesses can adapt their social media strategies without a huge budget or a team.

Before that, he worked in the Internet marketing space for 12 years with Fortune 500 brands and decided to switch over to social media once he realised the potential power it held for small businesses to grow their brands.

His philosophy? Let the big brands do what they can do with their big budgets, and let’s take what we can do from what they’re doing well and model it for our own businesses.

He understands that people are overwhelmed with social media and is adamant about reminding entrepreneurs that it doesn’t need to take three hours a day to make it effective.

So how can you use the limited time in your day to be as effective as possible on social media and eventually convert to sales?

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Three social media strategies you can apply without a huge budget or team
  • How to set goals for social media and how to work backwards to create a daily plan
  • What type of posts work best on Facebook and Twitter
  • How to organically build your Facebook and Twitter following while gaining market insight
  • How to figure out when you should be posting on social media
  • One key tip that will help your audience resonate with you that’s so easy to forget
  • The real goal of social media posts and where each should direct
  • How Rick got big brands like Ford, Coca Cola, and Jetblue on his podcast

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What are three ways you can improve your current social media strategy today?

Top Tip: If you haven’t got one then right out your ideal strategy based on Rick’s and my tips in this interview. We will also cover it again near the end of this challenge for you to refer back to,

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Summary of today’s responses

Haydee knows It Doesn’t matter if You Want to Make Your Tweets Tweetable, Your Facebook Posts Likeable or Grow Your Google+ Circles… you must Interact with People as You would in a Get-together.

Claudia knows that many companies fail to connect with their audience because they are not in sync with their language and instead of telling stories, they are selling which is a no. She suggests 3 actions to take instead.

Megan’s current strategy is all about building content and remaining active on social media.

Darleen’s strategy is Be smart. Be of value when you do open your mouth. Have fun! 

Michelle intends to use it consistently, as well as be more consistent with her message.