[Day 14] How to Build a Blog That Matters and Monetize it With Jaime Tardy [Podcast]

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Jaime Tardy of The Eventual Millionaire

In today’s post for the 30 Day Blog Challenge we’re changing things up a little. The number one reason is that every second Monday I release my podcast without fail.

The number two reason is that this interview is totally related to getting into the mindset of becoming a millionaire and talks all about how to turn your blog and podcast into a revenue generating platform.

Day 14 How to build a blog that matters and monetize it

Jaime Tardy, creator of the highly popular blog and podcast Eventual Millionaire, did not start out straight away by having conversations with the likes of Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Neil Patel.

When she first realised that she wanted to live a lifestyle with more freedom, she was already in debt to the tune of $70,000 and ready to start a family.

While she had the 6-figure job and the American dream toys, the way she had set up her life wasn’t serving what was most important to her.

So how did Jaime go from working 70+ hours a week in a job she hated to being featured on CNN and Yahoo for her own business in the span of one year?

Jaime Tardy of The Eventual Millionaire

Here is what you will learn in this podcast

  • How to get podcast interviews with big names using this one action
  • Two defining habits that 100+ millionaires she’s interviewed have in common
  • Three lines that should be included in any email to get anyone important to say yes to an interview
  • The easiest and most instant form of income you can get when you’re just starting your business
  • How the Eventual Millionaire podcast makes revenue
  • What sort of relationships were integral to Jaime’s success as she grew her business
  • What becoming an eventual millionaire actually means

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Email template for asking for podcast interviews How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci 

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Top Tip: Focus on products and services you could offer via your blog (refer back to day 10-13) and the work you’ve done, and focus on how millionaire’s think to get the ball rolling on making this happen.

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