[TSE 18] Dashama Creates A Brighter Future For Everyone As The Yoga Entrepreneur

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Dashma Yoga

Yoga teacher, online entrepreneur, and social media presence Dashama has creatively built her lifestyle to support her ambitions to inspire as many people globally through the practice of yoga and a healthy lifestyle.  Dashama is the founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute, Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and Discover the Fountain of Youth.

Dashama was one of the first to really harness the power of YouTube by uploading her yoga video in 2006.  With absolutely no marketing budget, some of Dashama’s YouTube clips have successfully been viewed by almost 7 million visitors. She is, in essence, a YouTube celebrity.

Dashama’s inspiration came from overcoming her challenging childhood and her willingness to encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle for body, mind, and soul.

Her secret came from Oprah’s teachings to “Open up for the world, so that the world can open up to you,” and to understand deeply what her clients were experiencing.

“What lights me up about this work is to know that I am making a positive impact in people’s lives and creating leaders that will result in a brighter future for everyone here on earth.”

Dashama has been focusing her energy on her latest entrepreneurial quest of developing Pranashama Yoga Institute.  Her mission is to empower and certify new yoga teachers, and this venture is already growing quickly.

The Pranashama Yoga Institute teaches the Prasha method (her own unique one!) and prepares aspiring yoga teachers through the 10 unique yoga workshops.  This year the certification courses takes place in exotic places such as Bali in Indonesia, Isle of Man in UK, and Florida in USA.

In this interview with Dashama you’ll learn:

  • Her life story from tough childhood to yoga star and her mission in life
  • How she got her own TV network as a gift from Oprah
  • Her mistakes along the way before making it as an entrepreneur
  • How she reached her vision of building her yoga empire
  • How her Pranashama Yoga Institute is offering teacher training courses worldwide

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