[TSE 24] Create A Burning Passion For Marketing With Danny Iny

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Danny Iny

It was such a great pleasure to interview the enthusiastic Danny Iny, co-creator of Firepole Marketing also known as the Freddy Krueger of Blogging, for his amazing ability to write prolifically and be everywhere online.  He is also an author, a speaker, and the CEO of Bowl of Goals.

Firepole Marketing is a very popular blog where he shares his expertise on improving your online business, your marketing techniques, strategies and writing quality content on your blog.

Danny recently released the free Naked Marketing Manifesto, with his ambitious goal of turning this Manifesto into an awesome book.  Go grab your free copy of the Manifesto now!

What impresses me most about Danny is his ability to just keep on leaping to new levels both personally and professionally. A master networker he’s built a fantastic tribe of people who all benefit from his marketing insights and tactics.

Last year he wrote and published Engagement from Scratch (which I’m happy to have written a chapter in!), a 241-page ebook (engagementfromscratch.com).  This fabulous marketing ebook contains the juicy elements of the big name bloggers that have built their community and have  successfully engaged their loyal audience.

Danny saw the need and desire for upcoming bloggers craving this information, so he has offered the digital version for free!! Half the proceedings of the actual book from Amazon will be donated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.  Way to go Danny!

Since then Firepole Marketing traffic has grown from zero to over 14,000 visitors a month in a very short space of time. In addition Danny has managed to launch several great programs and get married. Not sure how he does it all!

Listen to this podcast interview with Danny Iny to learn:

  • How he transitioned from consulting for small businesses to a full time blogger
  • The 3 most important steps to take before launching your product
  • The secret to becoming a brilliant marketer that anyone can master
  • Why failing and stumbling is so important to your success
  • The 3 best marketing tips that have driven traffic to his site that you can act on now
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