[TSE 12] Crushing Your Travel Fears And Living A Prolific Life With Farnoosh Brock

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FearlessTraveling with Farnoosh Brock

Do you ever meet the kind of person that makes you stop in your tracks? That person who blows you away with their love and gratitude, their generosity and their sense of purpose in life?

Well Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living – Smart Habits for Rich Living,  does that just via Skype, Twitter and email, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to hang with her in person? Oh wait I get to do just that when she arrives in Wellington just after New Year!

FearlessTraveling with Farnoosh BrockOver on her popular and engaging blog she talks about living life on your own terms, something Farnoosh struggled with during her own life, and about

“Being fearless and fabulous, about being your own master rather than a constant victim of circumstance, about doing what you love and escaping the corporate rat race but creating wealth and abundance doing exactly what you love.”

That’s why it was such a pleasure to talk with her about her journey and how she is inspiring others to live their own life in a way that stimulates your mind instead of dulling it and breaks boundaries rather than stops at the limits.

Powerful stuff right? So without further ado ….

In this interview with Farnoosh Brock you’ll learn:

  • How Farnoosh left her high paying executive role to pursue her dreams
  • The only way to live life on your own terms and be fearless
  • How she created her first ever digital product and the product launch process (plus tips from me!)
  • Why LinkedIn is such a powerful platform for connecting with people and how to get business leads and partnerships from it
  • Why Facebook is great for traffic and how Twitter has helped her to meet people the world over
  • Plus much more!

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  • Check out Farnoosh website at Prolific Living
  • Tweet Farnoosh on @prolificliving
  • Freshbooks to track expenses, create time sheets, and get paid by clients
  • Things by Cultured Code (sadly there’s no PC version yet)
  • Mindjet Manager (for both Mac and PC)
  • Read : What have your fears taught you?

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