Creating A Facebook Page That Stands Out From The Crowd

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Mashable landing page call to action

As a Social Media coach one of the most common questions I get asked is `How do I make my page stand out and get more likes?’.

What seems like such a simple question is rarely the case. In a world where people expect instantaneous results online, my response is `you need to know that good things take time’. This post breaks down the great elements of a landing page and how to create one for free or on a small budget.

In social media land, things really do take time, especially if you want to build a solid community and advocates who love what you do. You have to start by building solid foundations, sharing quality content, and engaging daily to create a magnificent page.

Getting likes is not what it’s all about though. You should never buy likes even if people offer a service to do it for you. You shouldn’t have to buy your ideal clients, you should naturally attract them to you with all that you do.

You want to get quality likes who come back and visit your page over and over right? Those who are actively interested and engaged in what you do. Potential customers and clients, who, after 5-6 touch points with you will trust you enough, and even buy your products and services.

So let’s break down the answer to that common question and start with two top ways you can achieve both standing out and attracting more likes.

How do I make my page standout?

The real answer to this question lies in how much importance do you place on branding and looking like you’re worth a million dollars? If you have a budget to work with then you can have an attractive and effective page designed for relatively little.

If you don’t have a dime to spare or are naturally skeptical about investing in the Facebook platform, then there a lot of great options for creating free Do-It-Yourself images and landing pages so read on.

There are two main elements for now that you can focus on, that in my mind are must haves.

1.  Facebook Page Graphic

I’m referring to the left hand side image that you see on every page. Done well this image should take up the maximum 180 pixels wide by 600 pixels high and be consistent with your current branding. In a nutshell this is your opportunity to showcase your company or brand name/ logo, your value proposition statement or tagline, and ways to contact you where applicable.

You’d be surprised how many people just have a photo here, or a logo, completely wasting the opportunity to give people a reason to know what page they’re on and remember why they’re there.

For some great examples of differing businesses and individuals check out Absolute Confidence CoachingSmall Biz Finance, and Home Depot.

Absolute Confidence Coaching Facebook AvatarSmall Biz Finance Forum Facebook PageHome Depot Facebook Page Avatar

2.   Facebook Landing Page

In short this is like a mini website within an iFrame on the Facebook page. You have 600 pixels in width to work with and no limit in terms of length, but as any designer will tell you, if you have to scroll down for ages to read all that’s on your landing page then you’ve missed the point of it. People should be able to get the gist of what you’re all about in less than 4 seconds. They should want to read and learn more from that first impression.

Once again it should align with your website look and feel, branding, colours and images. The aim of this landing page is two-fold. It is to get people to like your page, and to learn more about you and take further action.  More on that below.

Here are a few options for getting a professional looking landing page:

Free Options:

  • Static HTML iFrame is the largest provider of custom tabs on Facebook. Their page walks you through how to install their free app, and create a landing page using basic or complex HTML, CSS, JavaScript. If I can do this as a non-developer, then you definitely can!
  • TabMakr from AppBistro – this free app allows you to install a Welcome Page (either HTML, iFrame or upload an image) with only a few clicks and no need of special IT skills. You can also show special or exclusive content only to your fans by using fan gating.
  • allows you build to build a ‘Facebook Fan Page in Minutes’ for free with their easy to use templates and software.
  • Pagemodo is similar to Wix in that you can create a custom Facebook landing page for free in minutes. TheWorkAtHomeWoman is a great example of what you can do with it.

Paid Options:

  • If you have $5 you could pay a designer in the Fiverr community to design your landing page (or image), you’d just have to provide a basic mockup with wording in am MS Word document (be warned you often get what you pay for).
  • DesignPax These guys do fancy pages in a 72 hour turnaround for US $299 – plus logos for that page graphic.

There are a gazillion more options but I like to keep it simple and get you started. Experiment with one or all options and see what your result is.

Elements of a great landing page:

A great landing page should entice your visitor to stick around and not only like your page but interact with you or your brand. Whether that’s watching a video you have on that landing page, signing up to your newsletter, buying your products, giving you a call, or visiting your website. Here’s what it should have at the very least:

Ask to like the page.

A simple arrow and instructions on how to do this is all that’s needed. The example below is Mashable’s landing page. Pretty simple right?

Mashable landing page call to action

Give them a reason to stick around.

You should offer them at least one compelling reason to like your page. The WIFM (what’s in it for me) benefit they will receive from doing so. People get several page invites per day, and with hundreds of thousands of pages out there you need to let people know why they should like you over and above anyone else.

Key examples are:

  • `Like us for instant updates on the hottest social media trends’
  • `Like us for early bird offers on our latest jewelry designs’
  • `Like us for the latest news on smartphone apps for your business’
  •  ‘Like us to access one daily cartoon that will make you laugh your face off’

Create an extension of your website.

A Facebook page is like a free mini website, so think of the landing page as the home page. It’s your opportunity to catch the visitor’s attention in four seconds or less with your unique selling proposition – what you do, why that matters, and who should care.

Or an awesome photo, a creative image that sums up what you do, a video even that summarizes why you’re awesome, or a short blurb about you that crafts a story and resonates with them.

Make it actionable.

The beauty of a landing page is you can make it dynamic like your website (unless you’re one of those people with a static website still!). You should have a clickable link to visit your website, and without overcomplicating the page, you can also showcase your key social media links like Twitter or your YouTube channel, if that’s a key part of your online marketing strategy.

The Redbull Art of Flight Landing Page below is a great example of how this can be done with a link to their website, an embedded YouTube video, and the Twitter feed linked in. While you’re there check out their other tabs too that show you that you can separate landing tabs for different reasons.

Redbull interactive Facebook landing page

Reveal yourself.

You’ve likely interacted with those pages that when you like it, it either reveals some more information to you, or it reveals another page where you can take action – often called a fan page gateway too. I’ve done this on my Suitcase Entrepreneur page and it’s been really effective without overwhelming the visitor. Once again you can ask for this from the designer you choose to include the code within the design that does this.

If you need inspiration, check out 12 Of The Best Facebook Landing Page Designs.

Create Compelling Competitions and Offers

Who doesn’t like a good deal, special offer or a fun competition? There’s really no better way to create buzz and engagement through enticing your likes with these sorts of activities. While you want to be careful of staying within the Facebook Promotional guidelines, you can of course use a competition to get people interested in what you’re doing. This is often a great way to start a page, or gain more buzz as you seek to grow it. Several companies use this on a monthly basis, changing up the competition terms, to keep people coming back for more.

Just remember people can’t like your page and be entered into a competition, or as Facebook put it:

You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant.” 

Which is where promotion platforms come in to play. They make your life easier when it comes to running a promotion or competition because they make sure what you do complies with Facebook terms and conditions, so you can just get on with creating a killer campaign. Here are two options to start with:


You can create a branded contest or sweepstakes with Strutta’s flexible builder and design options. You can either run this from a Facebook tab on your page that looks super professional or a microsite – or both. You can even build your own custom contest site or application on top of the Strutta platform. You can get started from $299.

Strutta has a really simple step by step setup process that they walk you through and you can customize your promotion by choosing from a variety of contest models, allowing multiple media types (video, photo, audio, and/or text), configuring voting and judging options, and easily adding custom survey questions to gather data. Plus it’s integrated fully with sharing on Twitter and Facebook which means your competition is even more `sharable’.

In a recent launch on a brand new Facebook page for Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind we gained over 12,000 views of our `Win a $5K Biz Startup Package’ competition using Strutta, received 72 entries in a week (starting from scratch) which received 4,645 votes. More importantly as a result of running this promotion we got over 1700 ‘shares’ of our contest page which people had to like before they could enter or vote. The result was 1200 likes in a little over 3 weeks.

WE Mastermind Overview Page

Offers Applet

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Groupon alternative then there’s not reason why you can’t offer your only deals to your potential customers via the Offers Applet free and fairly easy to use application on Facebook.

Offer creation is simple. Give your offers an image, title, teaser, description and start/end date to help entice your Fans. You can then choose offers which you want to make “premium”, forcing non-Fans to Like your Page before receiving access.

You can even upload your own background and change the color scheme of the application to match your brand and there are analytics to boot that help you see which deals are performing best. It could work really well for your page depending on your business and create more engagement and buzz.

Now if that’s not enough to get your Facebook Page off and running then I suggest you stick with Twitter!