Come Celebrate The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 5th Birthday With My FREE Video Series

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Today (April 3rd, 2015) is a pretty special day for me. Not only is it my birthday, it’s also five years ago that I started my business, with a strong desire to work for myself, on my own terms and choose how I live my life.

I had no path, no plan, just a whole lotta determination and courage (or blind faith and stubbornness) to make my dream business a reality.

Being broke for 6 months wasn’t exactly the highlight of my life, but learning how to blog, build a community and grow my business was my passion.

I feel like I’ve told my story countless times on hundreds of podcasts and interviews.

And it never gets old, it always make me truly grateful and appreciative for every single step that’s gotten me to where I am today with this life that I love.

I now appreciate the last corporate job I had for pushing me over the edge, making me quit so that I could take a risk and fly to Canada to start the tech company that introduced me to the wild ride of entrepreneurship.

Which helped me to make an even braver decision, and leave it all behind to start my own thing (aka a blog) on April, 2010….wow.

Today seems a bit surreal. I mean I can’t believe I’ve traveled the world for the last 5 years. That I’ve had no fixed abode or address and have been living out of my suitcase and running my ideal lifestyle business from anywhere.

Not just that but in 2014 this very lifestyle business made me multiple 6-figures for the first time!

I even have fellow freedom fighters like Saeema who’s been an integral part of my community here forever, making a birthday cake for me over in Kenya.

Natalie Happy Birthday cake from Saeema

(Sure she ate it with the local kids too and sent me photos, but it’s the thought that counts and look at this amazing red velvet cake in the Freedom Plan colours!)

I digress….

Those 5 years have been some of the most wonderful, enlightening and challenging years of my life and I have LOVED every single minute of them.

Even when I wondered what the heck I was doing, how to grow my business, which country to visit next, why the Internet just went down… and how to continue to lead an unconventional life in a world where tradition reigns supreme.

I’ve been on the mission of a lifetime and I felt the best birthday gift I could give back to you today for being on this journey with me was to share what it really takes to achieve this.

So I created a brand new FREE video training series that has just gone LIVE.

Click to celebrate and get free access right now.

 What is Freedom?

In my video series I share:

  • The 3 Steps to creating a “Freedom Plan” that seem ‘simple’ but so many people don’t actually do! LIVE now
  • 10 Must-Have Traits of Every Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur (some might surprise you). April 7
  • … And a PROVEN process for making your ideal lifestyle business a reality (this alone is worth signing up for!) April 10.

Plus I’ve created a Bonus Action Guide to kick-start your own adventure immediately that you can download below the first video.

So click and get free access to my videos series.

(shot on location in Melbourne and Bali of course with my amazing videographer Mick Russell)

Oh and PS I did get some cake and eat it too thanks to Catherine who bought an entire key lime pie cheesecake we started feasting on – proof on Instagram.