[TSE 78] How to Avoid Burnout and Gain Virtual Freedom with Chris Ducker

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TSE 78 Chris Ducker

As entrepreneurs we’ve gained somewhat of a reputation for working like crazy on our businesses, no matter what it takes and at all hours.

TSE 78 Chris Ducker CoverWhile it’s definitely not healthy for us, it is common because we have the tendency to want to do so much and be so much and do it all by ourselves.

Driven by an intense desire to do all we can to really excel in business, I think we often overlook one of the most important parts of being successful – looking after ourselves and our energy levels.

If you’re not taking time to exercise, eat well, get quality sleep and take actual time out to recharge your batteries, then I can guarantee as one entrepreneur to another, you will experience some form of burnout if you haven’t already.

I experienced it last year during my book launch and as Chris Ducker, author of the new book Virtual Freedom and the New Business Podcast, mentions in this episode, burnout is no joke.

If you’re not careful, your business (and your life) take a huge hit as a result and not just for a week or two. The effects of burnout can be with you for life!

Ever wonder how you can accomplish all that’s necessary for your business WITHOUT working 16 hour days? Read Virtual Freedom!

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With more on his table this year than ever and two bouts of burnout behind him, Chris is determined to make this year the year where he runs his business instead of letting his business run him.

How does he plan to do that, and how can you make sure that you avoid burnout and still build a profitable business?

Listen to this episode to find out how.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Four rules Chris has set up for this year that will help him bypass burnout
  • How Chris and I have both adjusted our schedules to be more productive
  • Which one seemingly negative trait we are both still learning to embrace so we can offer more value
  • Which one person you absolutely need on your team if you’re an entrepreneur (surprisingly affordable)
  • Four tasks you could be doing that will grow your business once you have a general virtual assistant
  • How to promote within your team so you don’t become a manager
  • Chris’s strategy for managing 125+ emails a day while still getting real work done
  • One touch his GVA does that makes people feel MORE connected to Chris through email
  • How to hire people that you trust and where you can find them

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