Building Your List and Creating Beautiful Emails with Mailchimp

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Every week I bring you a short video introducing a new online tool to add to your business toolkit. The point is to make you more savvy and streamlined, and to save you time and money too. Alternatively you can just check out the Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs.

Introducing Mailchimp

You’ve heard the money is in the list right? Well it is. What is a list? A collection of emails of potential or existing valuable customers and clients who have trusted you with their email address and opted in to your list to receive a regular newsletter or `ezine’ that contains information of interest to them.

Mailchimp is my platform of choice for building and managing my lists in a really easy way and being able to track my growth and effectiveness at sending you what you want to hear (PS by clicking on that link if you sign up I get credits – thanking you kindly!).

I wrote my review on Mailchimp in the Biz Tools section. I featured it in my eBook, I’ve written about it in many places on this blog, on Forbes – just numerous places because – well I’m in love with the Chimpanzee.

In addition to that revelation I love it because you can get started for free using this email client, up to 2,000 emails before you even get charged. I think that’s great for business owners starting out in mastering the art of email.

In addition it’s easy to use, has great pre-designed templates and a number of cool features I talk about in this video – so you’ll just have to watch it.

PLUS I reveal something you should never never never do when building your email list…

Do you use Mailchimp or another email client? Got questions about email marketing? Leave them below and stay tuned in June for an exciting series I have starting this week!