[Day 23] The Key Qualities and Characteristics You Will Need to Be a Suitcase Entrepreneur

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Day 23 The key qualities and characteristics you will need to be a suitcase entrepreneur

Let’s get real here. Not everyone thinks traveling the world, living out of your suitcase or backpack and working from anywhere is a dream lifestyle.

I know, right! What sort of person wouldn’t think that is the best life ever?!

Traveling the way I do has its up and downs. It’s not always as glamorous as people think. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to prove you’re not in some fantasy world and other times, it can be lonely and isolating.

It all depends on you and whether you’re cut out to be location independent. There are varying levels of location independence, too.

Day 23 The key qualities and characteristics you will need to be a suitcase entrepreneur

What’s your level of location independence?

For some people, just the ability to work from home or a café close by, on their own schedule, is the perfect form of freedom.

For others, having just enough location independence to take off to a new country for a month or two each year, and still run their business or work remotely as an employee, is enough.

Then there are people who love to change it up every one to three months in a new city or country and keep exploring but spend enough time to get a real feel for the culture, people and area.

The latter option is my ideal traveling method. After all of this time of being professionally homeless, I have come to recognize that it is the most sustainable and enjoyable for me.

So how do you work out what on earth is the right fit for you?

I like to call it your propensity for adventure or your nomadic quotient – partly because it sounds scientific and partly because I made it up to claim some terminology that’s uniquely mine!

In Chapter 10 of  The Suitcase Entrepreneur Book, I ask this question and as a treat I’m sharing a section of my book with you below:

Are you suited to this lifestyle?

“This is an important question to ask before you set off on your journey. People tend to glamorize this lifestyle and forget about what it really takes to live your dream.

There’s a price to pay for freedom, and it often comes in the form of other people, who might not understand your choices, or who resent your seemingly perfect lifestyle. This means, that in addition to staying true to leading a life where you prioritize what’s important to you, you’ll also have to think about others.

This comes with the territory when you choose to go against societal norms. And it’s not going to be easy, but then again, who wants easy when you can have life full of adventure?

But … it’s not always fun to sit in airports, go on long train journeys, be in noisy cafes with dodgy Internet or pack up your suitcase for the umpteenth time. It can get lonely on the road, too.

So it’s important that you know what you’re signing up for to lead this Suitcase Entrepreneur lifestyle (and that of an entrepreneur in general), so take a look at this list below and see if it’s a really a good fit for you.”

I go on to list out around 10 qualities I think you need to truly be a Suitcase Entrepreneur (taking into account your own nomadic quotient of course).

Today I’ve chosen to pull out 4 of those and look at them in more depth:

A vision for your business and life that you will fight for

Regardless of where you’re at in life right now, after working through Part 1 and 2 you should have a really clear vision of what you want your life to look like, and the business that will support you in achieving that.

There’s a reason why we worked on the perfect day and your painted picture. It’s so useful when the going gets tough, or you’re feeling a little lost, or perhaps your support network are not close …you can turn to your vision to carry on choosing freedom.

The ability to spend time alone and enjoy your own company

For introverts travelling alone across continents likely seems very appealing, for extroverts it probably sounds lonely unless they can stop and chat to every traveler they encounter.

The thing is, whether you’re in a relationship, married or single, there will still be times when you just feel lonely in this big old world.

Travel can really change people. It can expand their mind, open their eyes and broaden their horizons beyond belief.  This means when you head home after a period of travel, things can feel very different to you and childhood friends may suddenly seem very different, and potentially boring or small-minded.

In return, you might seem like some changed person that they just don’t get and can’t relate to. Trust me, this happens a lot and it’s hard to deal with on both ends if you’re not aware of it.

An independent nature and strength of character to deal with daily challenges

You don’t find many needy travelers unless they’re on a package group tour for 2 weeks where everything is planned for them. Travel has a way of making you grow up and fend for yourself.

You have to become pretty organized, self sufficient and good at making decisions in a timely manner on transport, accommodation, destinations, adventures, food, weather, packing and much more.

Some people just aren’t wired for that kind of take-charge attitude, planning and organization. You don’t need to be over the top about it, but resourcefulness and a practical nature certainly help.

If you’re not comfortable with change or things being out of your control, then it’s unlikely that you’ll want to head off on a trip off the beaten path like biking down Africa like I did, for example.

On the other hand, if some danger and adventure sounds right up your alley, then that’s exactly what you’ll seek out…so long as your business can sustain it too!

An open mind and sense of compassion for others

Travel is such a wondrous gift we’re given, no matter how far and wide we humans spread ourselves, there’s always more to take in and learn.

This can be intoxicating at first and I’ve found myself saying, “Oh I could live here” in no less than 10 countries over the years. Most of the time that statement remains true. But in a few occasions, as the destination has revealed its true colours, and once the rose tinted glasses wore off, I’ve realized that living there is a bad idea.

People fall in love with cultures and traditions all the time, as well as language, food and so much more. At the same time, extended travel, especially to countries with completely different cultural norms can shock or upset you, and even bring out racist tendencies or intolerances you may not have known you harbored until you left home.

So compassion, patience and understanding are the keys to making friends with strangers and getting a real sense and feel for a culture, religion and race.

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