[Day 22] Welcome to Act 3: How to Become a Pro at Being Homeless

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Welcome to Act 3: How to Become a Pro at Being Homeless

Welcome to Act 3 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is one is highly relevant and important to me and hopefully to you too. I mean who doesn’t want to travel the world, or discover their own city, new cultures and explore destinations just out of town or all the way on the other side of the world.

In Act 3 you’re going to learn how to become a pro at being homeless, although what we’re really talking about is becoming FREE to live and work anywhere:

  • What it really takes to live your life freely and as a location independent soul
  • What you need to consider before you pack up and travel (be it near to home or far)
  • The ways travel helps you grow as a person and challenges you too
  • The best tools and services to make sure you’re travel savvy

Welcome to Act 3: How to Become a Pro at Being Homeless

Act 3: How to become a pro at being homeless

Get set to explore the world and your own thoughts about travel, location independence and minimalism. Over the next 9 days we will be covering:

  • Day 22 – Welcome to Act 3: How to Become a Pro at Being Homeless
  • Day 23 – The Key Qualities & Characteristics You Will Need to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur
  • Day 24 –  Where in the World Should You Travel and What Should You Prepare For?
  • Day 25 – Four Key Areas to Master to Truly Enjoy Being Location Independent
  • Day 26 – How to Pack Like an Expert and Adapt to a Minimalist Lifestyle.
  • Day 27 – What You Need to Know to Become a Travel Hacking Pro
  • Day 28 – Travel Tools and Accessories: All you need get moving and go mobile
  • Day 29 – Living The Dream: What Does Your Flight Plan Look Like?
  • Day 30 – You Did It! You’ve Finished the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Are ready for take off?

Excited? So am I! The world is your oyster. And Penny is already excited as she stated in her bonus blog post yesterday:

“I’m looking forward to Act 3… It is all about taking off and flying on those Sparkling Wings to far off places and experiencing freedom in all its forms.  It is about being ABLE to live a nomadic lifestyle anywhere in the world and still be anchored to the real world requirement to make money to support that lifestyle.  But even better, it is encouraging that anchor not just to be a source of fuel for the hip pocket and feet, but also to be gratifying and satisfying to the heart and soul!  Plus, I suspect, there will be many expert tips to make the nomadic lifestyle much simpler to implement.”

What you can do right now

1. Answer today’s prompt on your own blog to get you into the flow for Act 3:
If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

Top Tip: Relate this to what you’ve worked on so far around choosing freedom, the type of business you are planning on (or already are) building and how this will fit with your perfect days exercise and vision for your future.

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