[Day 8] Congratulations for completing Act One of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

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Day 8 of 30 Day Blog Challenge - Act 1 Complete

Look at you! You’ve just completed Act 1 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge and you did it in style.

Big congratulations are in order for making it through the first 7 days and especially to those of you completed every single day – what an accomplishment. I seriously hope you’re starting to see some stellar results.

You may have noticed you’re getting your writing groove on, getting into the flow more easily, enjoying reading other peoples’ posts and learning from them, getting more engagement on your blog and getting to grips with it all.

(If you’re hungry to learn more I’m holding a free webinar on Wednesday about how to build a blog that matters – details at the end of this post).

Let’s recap on what we covered in Act 1:


Day 8 of 30 Day Blog Challenge - Act 1 Complete

So how did you do?

If you blogged along with me during the last week, or even wrote your own personal journey answering the key calls to action you should now have:

  • a crystal clear understanding of the mindset needed to build a life of freedom, adventure and personal success
  • understood the pros and cons of location independence and where you fit on that spectrum
  • laid the foundation for creating a business and lifestyle you love, with ideas for what you want to do to make your perfect day a reality.

Welcome to the new world of digital nomads!

Yep it’s time to celebrate your progress so far and welcome you to my world.

It’s been amazing to look all the blog posts being written for this 30 Day Blog Challenge (which I link to at the end of each daily post).

Now what is next?

It’s time for Act 2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, building your own business! Over the next 12 days we will be covering:

  • Day 9 – Welcome to Act 2: How to Build Your Online Business

  • Day 10 – The Only Two Ways to Really Make Money Online.

  • Day 11 –  Knowing What Business Model to Choose and Why.

  • Day 12  – How to Use Your Personality to Stand Out Online.

  • Day 13 –  The Key To Building Your Website Without Breaking the Bank.

  • Day 14 – How to Build a Blog That Matters And Monetize It

  • Day 15 – Why You Need an Email List (& How to Build Your Own).

  • Day 16 – Work Smart, Not Hard. Why You Should Outsource & Where to Start.

  • Day 17 – How to Engage Your Tribe Online by Building Trust & Providing Value.

  • Day 18 – Building a Trustworthy Affiliate Team To Sell Your Products For You

  • Day 19 – How to Build Your Platform and Increase Traffic by Working WITH Your Competitors

  • Day 20 – Tips, Tools & Resources: All You Will Need to Build Your Online Business.

Your three next steps:

1. Take a break! There is no challenge question today – that’s right you get a free day! So use it to catch up on any posts you missed or get ready for Act 2.

Proactive people who blogged anyway!

In the comments below share your greatest learning so far on this Blog Challenge OR a question you have around blogging you want me to answer!

Round up of some of today’s blog posts by you