[Day 5] How to create your perfect day in work and play

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Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge - Your perfect day

You know that great song from the movie Trainspotting that goes “‘Oh it’s such a perfect day, I’d like to spend it with you”, well how about if you were to have more of those perfect days in your life?

But let me ask you this – what does your perfect day look like?

You may be surprised but very few people know the answer to this question when I ask them. They’re stumped because in reality they’ve not take the time to daydream and really think about this in full vibrant technicolor!

If you don’t have a clear vision for what your perfect day looks like (which translates to your business you love and your ideal lifestyle) how on earth can you move one step closer to it?

This whole 30 Day Blog Challenge is to move you towards creating freedom in business and adventure in life by giving you clarity on what that means to you. So let’s get even clearer shall we?

Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge - Your perfect day

The Perfect Day Exercise

As I’ve read through as many of your posts as I can in a given day, I’ve been impressed at the number of blog posts that paint a picture of what freedom looks like to you in great detail.

Like this great example from Verna  from Day 2 on A Different Tomorrow or Megan on Day 4 who already wrote down her perfect day in great detail which acts as the perfect example for what I want you to in today’s challenge (and she didn’t know this was what I had planned)!

So what am I asking you to do today?

Basically I want you to take 30 minutes to write down your perfect day in the present tense.

Start with when you wake up, and move through each hour of the day. Jot down thoughts and descriptions of what the ‘Perfect Life’ would be like.

  1. How would you spend it?
  2. With whom?
  3. Where would you be?
  4. Would you be working, playing or both?
  5. What does that smell, look and feel like?

Contemplate how a business fits into your perfect life.

  • What kind of work do you do?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How much time would you spend in your business?
  • What hours would you work, ideally?

Write it down in clear detail.

If it helps find pictures that capture how you see this perfect day. You can create a vision board like Morag did in this post with her two dream boards.

This is your  perfect day.

The next step is to consider how you can create more of these perfect days in a month or in a given week.

For example if being by the ocean, eating fresh fruit and doing yoga for an hour is part of your perfect day, what’s stopping you from adding in even 20 minutes of yoga each day and taking a drive to the local swimming pool.

Sure it’s not quite what your ideal is but you’re getting closer to it.

Writing about your perfect day is very liberating, and it creates a sense of accomplishment. It’s as if you’re already on your way.

The reason why this works so well is writing stuff down makes it that much more real. As does adding in visuals. What’s more stating it in the present tense makes you far more likely to actually believe it.

Given that you are what you think – you can see how this starts to become a reality. And who doesn’t want to have more perfect days in their life.

Bonus Video

I went through my YouTube archives and found a short and entertaining video I did explaining exactly how to detail out your perfect day.

In fact it was my very first Suitcase Entrepreneur `lifestyle’ video, shot on location in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011! (Yes I’ve come along way, and yes it’s noisy in the background by the water – but the message is from the heart).

Day 5 Blog Challenge to accept in 3 easy steps

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What’s does your perfect day look like?

Top Tip: Get as clear as you can and don’t let anything hold you back from stating every aspect of your day.

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