[Day 29] Living the Dream: What Does Yours Look Like?

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Day 29 Living the dream - what does yours look like?

As we come to the end of our 30 Day Blog Challenge I want you to reflect on absolutely every lesson you’ve learned during this journey together.

Not just during Act 3, which has focused on How to become a pro at being homeless, but on all the themes that I’ve had you work on to discover your nomadic quotient, your travel preferences, your location independence level and your definition of choosing freedom.

Day 29 Living the dream - what does yours look like?

What does living the dream look like to you?

As I reflect on my three years of full-time travel and living out of a suitcase, I realise that my styles and preferences are evolving and changing before my very eyes.

What I once thought was my ideal travel set up – bouncing from city to city and country to country, and always seeking out new adventures, is now becoming somewhat unsustainable for my personal preferences.

I’ve already got a grand plan in mind for 2014 that invovles the first four months in the warmer climes of New Zealand and Australia, and South East Asia, onto North America for 5 months, Europe for 3 and then back to warmer climates in the Southern Hemisphere.

Yep that’s right I’m going to chase the sun and also be in the locations around the world that serve a purpose to me personally and my business at certain times of the year.

I’m going to spend longer in each of those places, rather than hop back and forth exhaustively, and I’m going to set up a base and foundation during those months from which to focus on my priorities – my family, my dear friends, and my community.

Suitcase Entrepreneur in the park small

(By the way come join me to sit in Grand Central Park and hear a reading from my book at my New York City book meetup on September 10th)

Ask yourself how does your dream fit into your current reality and priorities?

As I mentioned very early on, and allude to pretty clearly in The Suitcase Entrepreneur book, when you set out to live life on your own terms and choose freedom, there can be a price to pay.

All that `doing what you want, when you want, with who you want, where you want’ is amazing but it also comes with people and friends who don’t understand what you’re doing, and those who will challenge how you’re living your life or disapprove of it.

You’ll also find that balance, routine and stability are that much harder to maintain, depending on the level of location independence and travel you’ve chosen to undertake.

For me, the last three years have been a wild ride and exactly what I wanted from my life. It’s helped me to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. I’ve been tested and challenged and learned so much about the world, and my place in it.

I’ve met amazing people the world over who’ve taught me about their culture, religion and rituals. Much of that I’d like to think I’ve incorporate into my own daily rituals, routines and to my perspective on life.

Sisters at the Opening Ceremony and Game 9 Sept 2011
Sisson Sisters at the Opening Game of the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand, 9 Sept 2011

Now I know what the next chapter holds, and what I want out of life and for my business, and ironically enough, that requires more time in fewer places, being grounded and surrounded by the right people I’ve come to love, admire and cherish in my life and work. And yes you’re a part of that.

I want my travels to include more time actually enjoying the destination, not necessarily working when I’m there – like the days I used to go on something called a `holiday’! That’s why I’m taking practically all of October off to enjoy Vietnam, a friend’s wedding in Bali and a meetup of digital Nomads in Thailand.

So what does living the dream REALLY look like to you?

  • What do you want in your life beyond all certainty?
  • What’s a non-negotiable you are not prepared to give up for anything else?
  • What don’t you mind forsaking in return for having more of something else?

Day 29 Blog Challenge to accept in 3 easy steps

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What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?

Top Tip: Think about those bullet points above and incorporate them into your answer. Draw on previous blog posts you’ve written from Act 1, 2 and 3 to pull all of this together into your definitive blueprint!

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By the way I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for partaking in the Blog Challenge and the contest to win a day with me. Congrats are in order for Nancy Hamilton who will be joining me in San Diego to work on her dream business. As you can see by this photo she’s delighted.

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