[Day 25] Four Key Areas to Master to Truly Enjoy Being Location Independent

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Day 25 - Four Key Areas to Master to Truly Enjoy Being Location Independent

In my past three years running The Suitcase Entrepreneur full-time without a base, I’ve realised that there are four key areas that will hold you and your business back if you don’t master them – which I’ve had personal experience with!

Yet these are the very same areas, that if you make time to nurture them and incorporate them into your daily life, will make the world of difference to you and your business, whether you’re working from Starbucks down the street, or from a plane heading to South Korea.

Day 25 Four key areas to master to truly enjoy location independence

The four key areas are:

  • Productivity
  • Staying healthy
  • Keeping up with clients
  • Keeping in touch with your network


Whenever I land in a new place, my first instinct is to go out and explore. Sometimes, because of the schedule I set for myself, I can do just that. Other times, I’ve got work to finish before I can make time to go out and sight see.

What makes the difference between being able to enjoy the location I’m in and staying in my room all day working is the structure I’ve set in place to ensure that I stay productive.

Watch the video below to find out how I:

  • Create my daily schedule
  • Stick to my most important priorities that grow the business
  • Keep my energy up

Can’t see the video player? Watch it on YouTube.

Other tips include:

  • Batch out your tasks. – An example of this would be writing the content for your next three blog posts during a 3-hour block and scheduling them to go live on their specified dates. This way, you can get all your work done in one spurt and then go out and enjoy your free time.
  • Be realistic with how many tasks you set for yourself. – Even though you may feel like you can get 57 small tasks done in one day (& you might be able to), it’s not a sustainable model. Limit yourself to no more than five small tasks and use a simple online tool like Teuxdeux to keep track of them.

Staying healthy

For a lot of people, travel is an excuse to break from exercising and eating healthy. As a digital nomad, staying fit is your priority. Since you are your business, how you keep up your energy and health directly affects your bottom line.

So how do you stay fit and healthy as a location independent entrepreneur?

In this video, I share with you:

  • How to save money at gyms while abroad
  • How to use a portable trainer with two online programs
  • Free exercise activities you can do while abroad

Can’t see the video player? Watch it on YouTube.

And while we’re on the subject of fitness and eating right, if you’ve ever wondered what does Ultimate Frisbee, cooking the perfect poached egg and running your business while travelling have in common, read this article on me in the Art of Roaming Cooking.

Other tips include:

  • Set your alarm clock 15-30 minutes earlier. – If it helps, start smaller and make incremental changes up to thirty minutes. Then you can get your workout session out of the way and focus on work and enjoying where ever you are.
  • Go to sleep earlier. – This will boost your productivity as well because you’ll have more energy for the tasks ahead. Plus you’ll be more encouraged to wake up earlier and get your workout in!


Besides staying in touch with family and friends from home, I make a lot of friends on the road, whether that’s from the online blogging world or locals that I happen to meet. With all of these people, it can be pretty tough to keep in touch with them, let alone remember all of their names!

Watch this video to find out:

  • Which two social media tools to use to stay in touch
  • What two online tools you should be using to build your business AND stay in touch

Can’t see the video player? Watch it on YouTube.

Other tips include:

  • Letting go of old friends. – This might sound harsh, but when your old friends can’t adapt to your new nomadic lifestyle, it’s best that you let them go to return when they want and make room for new friends who will support you.
  • Schedule in time for staying in touch. – Since you’re planning out your daily work schedule to be more productive, be sure to schedule in times for a Skype session or a Google hangout with friends so you have a nice balance between maintaining relationships and working.

Keeping up with clients

A lot of the meetings I’ve missed in the past have been due to my own fault of miscalculating time zones or over scheduling myself, leaving just minutes between each meeting.

However I’ve also missed meetings because of things I just couldn’t control like unreliable transport or really dodgy internet connection.

If clients are a large portion of your business, I would suggest that you take precautions and set clear expectations with them so they know what to expect from you.

Watch the video below to find out:

  • Exactly what you can tell your clients while you’re on the road
  • What system to use to keep track of client appointments

Can’t see the video player? Watch it on YouTube.

Other tips include:

  • Set auto-responders for email while you travel. – If you know that you’ll be travelling and, set an auto-responder for your email account telling people that you’re offline and to account for the time zone difference.
  • Start saying no more frequently. – When you do this, you free up time to focus on commitments, like your clients, and on building your business. You can still make some time for projects like editing your friend’s newest e-book, but limit yourself to one free project per month or something similar.

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