[Day 2] Mindset: Have you got what it takes to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur?

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Day 2 Are you cut out to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur?

Starting a business is quite possibly one of the most challenging moments of your life. Running a business and your life from the road is another challenge altogether.

For the first few weeks and months you will likely question everything you thought you knew about yourself and whether you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur and a world traveler.

This is a natural state to be in. Be prepared to be in that state for at least the first year as you test what works and find out what you’re capable of.

It’s also something you should embrace. Putting yourself out there to create products and services that help others and make an impact is not meant to be easy.

You’re changing the world remember and that takes guts, persistence, massive amounts of self belief and determination – all of which will be tested on a regular basis.

But it’s so worth it.

Day 2

I thought there was no better way to go about giving you the real deal here on what it really takes to be an entrepreneur then to answer this email question from a reader, especially since I get this question a lot and it’s important:

“Hello Natalie, I have been reading your inspiring tips and travel tales for about a year now, and I want you to know that you have been an inspiration to me. Mainly, you have helped me keep my dream alive; although I will admit I don’t have all my focus moving in one direction yet, and I haven’t put all your suggestions into practice. That said, I really would like to move in the direction of having my own business while traveling and helping people and creating community wherever I go.
I am afraid that everything I do might need to be redone or rethought which makes me feel a little lost and not know where to start. When you share all that you have accomplished with lots of work but in a relatively short period of time, I wonder if I have enough energy to support myself though a similar process to achieve an outcome that feels very authentic and full. If you were starting again, where would you start? Thank you for your openness.”
~ Allison

Here’s my two part answer to your question Allison.

Part 1: You need to develop your freedom-based mindset

In Chapter 2 of The Suitcase Entrepreneur book I talk about the only four things you need to be free. While I’m sure you can guess at some of them, the one often overlooked is the freedom-based mindset.

The main reason that I see people NOT going after their dream lifestyle, is because they haven’t focused in on exactly what that looks like to them.

As a result they don’t have clarity on what they’re aiming for, and because of that they can’t set out any kind of plan to progress towards making `it’ a reality.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2:

You see, living a life where freedom reigns supreme, where a laptop and Internet connection is all you need, is something most people just can’t get their head around.

It’s a beautiful thing when you do, as you suddenly see the world as your oyster, and the limitations you had in the past giving way to infinite possi- bilities facilitated by technology, a virtual workforce and affordable travel.

So Natalie what is the answer?

CHOOSE That’s it. Simply choose to live your best possible life.

DO NOT settle for mediocrity any longer. You have just one life.

STOP accepting the excuses you’ve been making all along.

START taking action and defining what your ideal lifestyle looks like.

FOCUS on how good you will feel when you accept life is in your control.

ACCEPT all the power you have within you to accomplish great things.

Part 2: What I’d do if I were starting out again:

My answer is this: I would have believed in myself from the get go. With that self belief firmly in place I would have chosen to treat my blog as my business from the very beginning and my future ticket to freedom.

Easy to say in hindsight, but learn from my lesson. Quit procrastinating, doubting, fearing and putting yourself in a state of paralysis by analysis and get busy living!

Ask yourself these questions right now:

Do you believe that you are worthy of love, happiness and success?

Do you know you have something to offer the world?

Do you believe you’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills in your lifetime?

Do you believe that you are capable of running your own successful business?

How badly do you want to create a business and life you love?

How much do you want to experience freedom on a daily basis?

How amazing will it feel when you make a start on doing what you’ve always wanted?

How long have you held onto those dreams in your head?

Be honest with yourself and check your answers to those questions. If you see a misalign with your answers to what you tell yourself you really want, we have some work to do.

Today’s Blog Challenge to accept in 3 easy steps

1. Write a response blog post to this question:

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Top Tip: Feel free to focus on your a) ideal lifestyle and/or b) business/ career and just let it out. Assume there are no barriers at all. Don’t be shy. Explore!

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