[Day 19] How to Become Influential and Attract Sponsors and Media Attention

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[Day 19] How to Become Influential and Attract Sponsors and Media Attention

In order to really be able to do the work that matters and spread your message far and wide you need to develop influence. The thing is that’s much easier said than done.

When you compare yourself to others in online business who have serious clout and make it seem effortless to build influence and become the go-to expert in their niche like Laura Roeder or David Siteman Garland, it’s easy to get discouraged.

You tell yourself that you can’t possibly be as influential as them and if you’re trying, then it’s not working.

I urge you to stop the comparison game. It won’t get you anywhere.  It’s like comparing apples with pumpkins – two entirely different types of food that have come through completely different growth phases to turn out how they have!

You don’t see all the work that’s gone into building their empire, just like you don’t see how the apple was nurtured or what conditions the pumpkin experienced.

[Day 19] How to Become Influential and Attract Sponsors and Media Attention

How to become the go to expert online

Building influence is not something that happens as you soon as you publish your first blog post. You build influence over time and through steady, valuable work.

You build it by doing the work that matters, showing up consistently and with your own unique take on what you do. We discussed how this all starts to happen in Day 17 by engaging your tribe online through building trust and providing massive value.

There are two main ways that you can start to build influence.

  • Be a leading learner, or a person who is continually teaching themselves new skills to stay ahead of the curve; and then showing you how to do this too. You don’t have to be the expert you just have to learn and apply and teach others how they can do the same

  • Become a mediapreneur (coined by David Siteman Garland), or a person who builds their own platform and brand using their unique skillset, and from this develops information-based products and programs that package their expertise so you can learn from them

Once you have built influence with your audience, people will start to identify you as the expert of your topic or chosen niche. That means a big deal for you in terms of potential sponsorship opportunities, partnerships with key influencers, companies or products.

You can then apply this well-deserved attention and credibility you’ve established to benefit your business, blog, podcast, online video show and more. Plus you can use it to leverage getting lots of exposure and become a media darling.

How to land sponsorships

As I don’t advertise or accept advertising on my blog, sponsorships have become  an integral piece of my business and a brilliant way to bring me and my community the opportunity to trial and benefit from very cool products and services that totally relate to creating freedom in business and adventure in life.

I partner with sponsors like Sanebox and SKRoss because I know they have quality products that my community could use. So they support my podcast and in exchange, I send customers their way.

When I rode across Africa in 2012, Liz Dickinson from MIO Global sponsored my flights there as part of my journey so that I could focus on raising $12,500 for Women Win and blogging about the journey.

As as you probably know, for my Suitcase Entrepreneur book I ran a Kickstarter campaign that was 121% funded, and key partners stepped up during this campaign and even after to sponsor sections of my book and some of my book tour.

There are questions you should ask yourself before you send off emails looking for sponsorships, and you can find a ton more in-depth information about it in this article I wrote specifically on how to approach and work with sponsors.

How to gain media attention

Landing press is an entire book on its own and my easiest rule of thumb is to learn how to ask. I also speak to that in the above article.

But you can learn the basics for landing media spots below which are very well laid out in more detail in Alexandra Franzen’s amazing blog post on becoming a media and publicity powerhouse.

This advice could apply to the online press world, for example landing a spot or being mentioned on Mashable, or in the traditional press world, like getting on CNN or a mention in Marie Claire.

Once you have this kind of noteworthy press clout, it’s not uncommon to continue to build influence offline through being asked to speak at conferences or you could host your own workshops.

The best place to do is to start with creating really useful content that informs, educates, and inspires all with the overall goal of solving problems. And then continually seek opportunity to guest post, be interviewed, be mentioned, and land sponsorships.

Don’t forget to continually comeback to your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart that you worked hard to craft on in Day 12 on how to use your personality to stand out online.


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