[Day 18] Building a Trustworthy Affiliate Team To Sell Your Products For You

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Day 18 Building a trustworthy affiliate team to sell your products

So in Day 17 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge I spoke to you about how you engage your tribe online by building trust & providing value.

A natural part of creating a great community is that they will want to help spread the word about the work you do. They will refer you to people, talk about your blog, about these products and services you have.

They’ll want to step up and be your unofficial sales team – they’ll want to shout about what you do from the rooftops and in turn they deserve to be compensated. This is when they cross over from fans to affiliates.

Day 18 Building a trustworthy affiliate team to sell your products

If you want to exponentially grow your audience and sales of your products and services you can’t do it alone. That’s why you need the power of an affiliate team you love what you do and want to spread the word

Affiliate marketing = Leveraging your traffic & trust into business referrals

It means receiving commissions from products you believe in and would recommend to your customers through a newsletter write up, blog review, or by placing advertising on your site.

On the flip side when it comes to having your own lovely affiliates, it means rewarding people who refer your products and services to others. You can see how I do this with my lovely community members through my Share the Love affiliate program.

I offer a 60% commission if people find the time to share my work with their community – I mean I think that’s very special that people will step up and do that, and they often do after having experienced my work first hand for themselves.

Without them promoting my products I likely would not have those people who click on their link finding out about me, let alone buying from me so I truly value that.

Or perhaps after Day 10 when we discussed the three ways to make money online you’ve considered that you’d be happy to promote other peoples’ work as an affiliate and if you do it well, and in the right way, you can create a healthy form of revenue online.

There a number of different affiliate programs that you can sign up to and promote products they have on offer. The top ones are:

These sites all offer text and image links – with HTML code to make it really easy for you to put on your site or in your newsletter. There’s often a huge range of companies, services and products you can choose to scour through.

It’s up to you find the ones that align best with your values, what you talk about on your blog and that fit in with your business and complement it.

Then there are independent affiliate programs set up by the person that you can join. You will get your own affiliate link and often access to badges, banners and logos to use on your site if you wish. You will also get text links you can use – and HTML code to use to make it really easy to post it on your site.

As I’ve built my business I’ve preferred to work with my people I meet and join their individual programs, where as when I started I used Amazon Associates for recommending books I was reading and Commission Junction for some of the tools that I used as they had their programs through.

The commissions I earn now on tools I recommend, products, programs and having guests through webinars is a substantial part of my online business now where I can earn up to several thousand per month – this has come from leveraging the trust and credibility I’ve taken many years to build.

The benefits of having an affiliate team

Much like Day 16 when I talked about building a team that supports your long term vision, you may not have even got as far as considering what products and services you want to sell, let alone who you’re going to approach to promote them.

But it pays to start early – literally and figuratively. Even if you only have a small but loyal affiliate team to start with is extending your reach and influence.

It’s far more powerful to have people talk about your product or service in a genuine way and personally recommend it, then it is for you to be the sole voice of promotion.

People buy based on peer influence and recommendations. Think about when you have purchased anything before, if your friend has recommend it to you or bought it themselves and raved about it,  you’re far more likely to buy it too.

What platforms can you use?

If you’re just starting out here are some tools to consider:

  • e-Junkie.com – entry level and basic but works well for $5 per month for selling your digital products and having an affiliate program
  • LeadDyno – mid level and up affiliate tracking software & online marketing system starting from $19 per month
  • InfusionSoft – has a fancy affiliate tracking and management system in amongst email marketing and sales

So now what do you think of affiliate marketing then huh??? Worth a look?

Day 18 Blog Challenge to accept in 3 easy steps

1. Write a response blog post to this question:

What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?

Top Tip: Feel free to relate  this to your Day 17 response on how you’re going to build your community as these very people will also likely be part of your affiliate program or keen to help you promote what you do.

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