[Day 16] Why You Should Hire For Growth and Your Long-Term Vision

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Why You Should Hire For Growth and Your Long-Term Vision

There are two challenges that new and seasoned entrepreneurs constantly struggle with.

  • Hiring someone to help out with your business;

  • Hiring for growth

I think it’s ridiculously important to build a team and begin to outsource work as you grow your business. I did an entire interview on the power of outsourcing with Chris Ducker that I’d like you to watch and learn from.

Today though I’d like to talk about hiring for growth and your long-term vision. You know the one you came up with when you detailed out your perfect day.

Once you take that leap and finally build a team, how do you manage it?

What’s more, how do you cultivate your them into being their own leaders, while building a team ethos and vision together?

I think hiring for growth and making critical changes to enhance the team culture are two of the most important things people miss when building a business – no matter how big or small.

Why You Should Hire For Growth and Your Long-Term Vision

Building a team around your company vision

As your business grows and you release control of every aspect, you need a company culture plan of action in place so your vision continues to come to life through your team.

A great starting point and one that I have found work well in my own business is to put together a painted picture for the company.

This idea came from Cameron Herold, author of Double Double, and it’s basically a clear vision of what you want the company to look, feel, and be like three years from now.

When I was able to visualise my business future with the power of a painted picture  on my digital sabbatical I had huge clarity on where I wanted to take my business and team.

This took me just two hours to flesh out and it was truly inspiring. I could deliver that feeling and message of clarity right back to my team. I shared my painted picture with them and consequently with the world on Slideshare.

To date it’s had close to 8,000 views and has helped a lot of people to develop their own. By doing this I gave my team, customers and community a reference point on where we’re headed and why.

Plus having that vision in place instills an energy in the team because they become just as excited as you are about the future of your company, especially when you convey it in the most open, genuine way possible.

One of the worst things you can do is to disempower your team. You want to inspire and empower them, and have them feel like they own the company and your vision as much as you do.

Four habits you should avoid as a leader and boss

You may not feel you’re even at this stage yet but trust me you want to start thinking about this now, to make your vision come to life, you WILL need a team of supporters, mentors and advisors behind you.

  • Being impatient – Take time to expertly communicate what you’re delegating to your team and when they don’t understand, evaluate what you could do in the future to communicate it in a better way and then stick consistently with what’s working.

  • Not spending time with your team – With a virtual team, it’s understandable that it can be difficult to not see them often, but do make the team to offer mentoring or to meet up for a team retreat once a year. This way you cultivate relationships and you can offer education to your team that will in turn build your business.

  • Not encouraging feedback or opinions – Your team is the best source of feedback that you have. Encourage honesty and foster each person’s natural talent to generate ideas so you can continually build your business off of human innovation that understands your vision.

  • Micromanaging – Most people wouldn’t think it’s possible to hover over someone’s shoulder while on a virtual team, but it is. Trust that once you’ve conveyed the message that it’s been understood, set a due date, and let your team member present their work. If it’s not what you wanted, communicate why and detail how it could be fixed in the future with as much patience as you can muster up.

So set your intentions from the start, communicate them to your team, and I guarantee you’ll have a stronger team that feels like a major factor to your company instead of another cog in a machine.

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